Best ADSL2+ wireless router/modem?

Looking to get adsl2+ wireless modem. Which brand is the best to choose and which model best suitable for home network?

geek_sky-dragon, Jan 30, 7:49 pm

Well for starters, Who are you with ? ? and if you used the search thing on the left, you will find a recent post with the same question.

geek_swivel, Jan 30, 8:20 pm

Linksys N series wag160n is bout the best for a medium priced wireless router. Stay away from belkin, thomson and dlink unless you want problems.

geek_princelee, Jan 30, 9:14 pm

Nothing wrong with Thomson, Your still not saying why you don't like Thomson. Is it because Telecom and Telstra Clear use them ? ?

geek_swivel, Jan 30, 9:25 pm

What are the problems with Belkin?

Got one here so I'm curious now.

geek_scotthurst01, Jan 30, 9:31 pm

most new belkin's have issues with voip and port forwarding which belkin know about but havent released a fix for.

geek_princelee, Jan 30, 10:18 pm

i just see way too many thomsons with issues, such as dropping connection, etc they also dont last overly long.

geek_princelee, Jan 30, 10:19 pm

when you say thompson drops connection, how, s that as i have had no connection problems with mine.

geek_sinet, Jan 30, 10:57 pm

you must be one of the lucky ones, i see them all the time with clients. You really think xtra would give you something for free that was any good?

geek_princelee, Jan 30, 11:00 pm

Telecom told me not to have my thompson on all the time :( coz it would overheat an not work properly. so yea it must be trash

geek_l43a2, Jan 30, 11:08 pm

Yeah right. Mines been going for over 18months without being turned off. And it has 7 game servers as well as a 3 internet cafe PC's going through it.

Sell them and never had an issuie, Infact, apart from your stupid statement, I've never heard of a Thomson router having problems. The Router is the 585v7 (just in case your not up on Thomsons) for Xtra, And 789n for the TelstraClear VDSL.

geek_swivel, Jan 31, 12:31 am

free ? ? Don't you know what the contract covers. Router is the v7

geek_swivel, Jan 31, 12:32 am

Oh and princelee (lol yeah right) guess you don't like the 2Wire as well.

geek_swivel, Jan 31, 12:33 am

Dynalink RTA1025W. Read the forums over on au about them. We have literally dozens of them in use at work and they never give us problems.

geek_litespeed, Jan 31, 9:29 am

So far I've had a Dynalink, which was fine before it crapped out. I had a Linksys, which was just junk. Now I've got a Belkin N+ Storage Router which can handle an external USB HDD memory stick. Very nice, never fallen offline and very secure.

geek_argordon, Jan 31, 10:26 am

yes they are given away free as im aware, the only catch being that u must stay with them for 12 months or whatever it is.

You arent really in a position to comment since you havent encountered problems with your one particular thomson, i have seen and continue to see many that have issues with constant disconnects being the main issue.

geek_princelee, Jan 31, 10:32 am

As I said, I SELL them, so I have more to do with just 1. I know 11 friends that have them and non have had problems. And I feel i'm in a better Position to judge them. I have sold 96 so far with no problems, Plus mine and 11 friends is over 100 I know of with out problems.

geek_swivel, Jan 31, 11:01 am

Agree, I use one at home and its super stable, with the Broadcom chipset. And the ability to run DMT tools is an added bonus

geek_willz29, Jan 31, 2:53 pm

princelee - I'm interested in what you're saying about the Thomson modems. We are having constant disconnection problems with ours - and its the second one we've had. Telecom replaced the first one (after only a couple of months at the most) and the second one is doing exactly the same and only had it about a month! Driving me insane! ! ! Will be ringing Telecom again tomorrow about it.

geek_braemac, Jan 31, 9:55 pm

Ive got a belkin and had a few hiccups at first with the connection but no problems now thou. Goes great.

geek_teddy481, Jan 31, 10:02 pm

What model ? ? v6(sinle PC) or 858v7(wireless Router). Do you have filters on all your jack points that have devices connected. As to get 2 doing the same thing could mean something else. Are you connecting wireless to the Thomson, as then it could be your System. Does the lights go out on the modem. And a big one, What does the log say in the Thomson (they will log errors).

geek_sandy_1974, Jan 31, 10:49 pm

Hi Sandy - model 8585v7. yes have filters on all jackpoints. Connecting wirelessly, but also have connected with ethernet (and turned wireless off on laptop) to see if it was the wireless, and still dropped the connection. Doing the same thing using 2 different laptops. Have plugged the Thomson into a different jackpoint in case there was a fault there, have taken out all phones in case there was interference from our portable (channel has been changed also). No difference. Will check what the lights do on the modem the next time it happens. Will go and have a look at the log now. Will copy & paste below as I don't know what it means. Thanks sandy_1974!

geek_braemac, Feb 1, 7:27 am

@ sandy_1974this is what I've copied from the log - this repeats over & over with each time the connections obviously dropped:

Info17:47:09 (since last boot) xDSL linestate up (ITU-T G. 992. 1; downstream: 7616 kbit/s, upstream: 832 kbit/s; output Power Down: 19. 5 dBm, Up: 11. 5 dBm; line Attenuation Down: 28. 0 dB, Up: 18. 0 dB; snr Margin Down: 15. 5 dB, Up: 12. 0 dB)

Info17:46:58 (since last boot) FIREWALL event (1 of 1): created rules

Info17:46:58 (since last boot) xDSL linestate down

geek_braemac, Feb 1, 7:29 am

another stupid generalisaton. I have a thompson now, it's absolutely fault/problem/ free. I've known many people who have d-link also fault/problem free.

geek_drcspy, Feb 1, 8:24 am

ffs what happened to sense ? Sure you've tried a few things but the most obvious and simple method of FIRSTLY eliminating whether the issue is the modem or some problem with your wiring etc is to try your modem at a friends house, or theirs at your house.

obviously if your friends (reliable) modem falls offline at your house then theres some wiring or similar issue.

Conversely if YOUR modem falls offline at their place (and theirs usually doesn't) then the issue is your modem. If it's reliable at their place then the issue is your wiring etc.

ridiculously simple

geek_drcspy, Feb 1, 8:32 am

#23, In the thomson, go to Thomson Gateway-Event Logs

geek_swivel, Feb 1, 8:35 am

Thanks to those that have been helpful - your help & courtesy has been appreciated. To drcspy - surely you could have said what you said without the insults. I now understand what so many others have said about some of the people in computing! Just because you think you are an expert, doesn't mean you have to be rude. Get off your computer/s and learn some people skills!

geek_braemac, Feb 1, 9:46 am

oh shut up. I'd dont 'suffer fools gladly' as some will. If someone makes a stupid statement why should I dress up mine in nice euphemisms ?

As for your attitude I take it you didn't find my posts helpful ? Or are you simply an ungrateful wretch ?

geek_drcspy, Feb 1, 10:13 am

Me I like Dynalink (not Dlink) never really had any issues with their routers, except for an overheating issue with the old RTA220 which they fixed for free and paid postage there and back (was a faulty circuit on that model) but that was a long time ago I've moved to the RTA 300 and am now using the RTA 1025W ADSL2+which is a couple of years old now and still going strong. Just did a firmware update and all is great

geek_odin5, Feb 1, 3:44 pm

I have recently bought a Thomson Wireless router from telecom $99, only had it two weeks and its constantly dropping. Im back on my ADSL ethernet so I can use my computer until its sorted out. Interesting to read about the many people who have issues with this router.

geek_guest, Feb 13, 8:01 am