adsl and ppp, broadband service keeps dropping...

bethel1, Jan 31, 7:11am
hi there, have had adsl broadband service here for a number of years and suddenly over the last week or too the service keeps dropping. Sometimes it comes back other times we have to reboot the adsl modem, and its now happening all the time. According to our isp its not a line problem and to buy a new modem. We would like to understand a little more about what is the problem, the PPP light on the modem goes out as the service drops. I have googled but its all techspeak, is someone able to give me a plain english version before i go and replace our gear. . cheers bethel1

ferita, Jan 31, 7:13am
How old is the modem? I had a similar problem and my modem was on its last legs

bethel1, Jan 31, 7:20am
hi the modem is out of warranty so we are expecting to have to replace it, think its about 3 years old, just wondered if there was anything else we should be looking at. .

r.g.nixon, Jan 31, 7:24am
Nope, just whack in another ADSL router/modem. Seconh hand is fine. Just check with your ISP as some models don't work easily with some ISPs.

gyrogearloose, Jan 31, 7:29am
I rang my ISP helpdesk a few months ago, and said that if they sent me a free new modem with wireless G, I'd agree to stay with them for 12 months. The new modem arrived the same day.

bethel1, Jan 31, 7:54am
ok since am about to start putting up a new website need that modem! ta for all the help much appreciated!

wellygoggles, Jan 31, 6:04pm
My ISP did that to me too - held me to randsome - sign a year's contract & we'll give you a brand new, up to the minute modem - if not, it will cost you $99. I got and 2nd hand later model off TM for $9 and I'm trying to pluck up courage to replace it today. Do I have to uninstall the current one first?

r.g.nixon, Jan 31, 6:23pm
No to uninstall... . well not for ethernet connected ones at least, but possibly for internal or USB ones.

drcspy, Jan 31, 7:34pm
read my post #25 here: asp
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soodanim, Jan 31, 9:17pm
Are you using filters and have you checked them?

Faulty phones can also cause problems...

Remove everything and connect the modem by itself... . if you have the type of filter that takes a phone/modem, try connecting it directly to the phone jack (you might have to switch cables, you can usually use a phone cable if you don't have the kind that connects to the phone jack on the modem)

If it stops cutting out then it's the not the modem.

Use one device and try each other jack point in the house, then use the other.

It's a bit time consuming but you eliminate faulty items at your end.

Oh and Orcon told me for month the problem was my modem/filter/phones and there was nothing wrong with the phone line... .

Turns out there was nothing wrong with my equipment or phone line, it was their network.

Went from disconnecting all the time and slow speeds (around 0. 5Mbps) to a decent connection and speeds up to 18Mbps

pcfix4u, Jan 31, 10:07pm
What security are you using, have you ruled out infections ? ? what sort of IT do you do? ? ?

Have you tried to reset the modem or update the modem firmware? ? ?

I live semi rural and have this problem at least once a year, the only solution has been for the ISP to reset the ports.

Do speed test on a regular basis and save data.

spyware, Feb 1, 5:53am
You need to look at the router logs. Typically you may see a lot of CRC or FEC errors (interleaving), LOS (loss of signal). Modem will disconnect if error rates too high. The person you spoke to at your ISP will not have a single clue as to whether you have a line fault or not.

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