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tigweld, Jan 31, 10:38am
Hey i was wondering if the telstraclear STOCK modems limit our speeds, the modems are Motorola surfboard model sb5101i, I max out at 1. 1mb/s - but my speeds from show me 7+mb/s - was wondering if i can do anything to improve ie. buy new modem?

vtecintegra, Jan 31, 10:48am
You are on the cable network - the Telstra supplied modem is fine, and indeed your only choice on that network.

Where and how are you measuring that download speed? Note most torrent clients/browsers etc measure in MB/s (Megabytes/second) which is different from Mb/s (Megabits/second). 1MB = 8Mb so that'd be about right.

tigweld, Jan 31, 10:50am

spyware, Jan 31, 11:00am
Well maybe clarify how you are measurining the speed. Web browsers generally display MB (Mega Bytes/sec). So 1 MB/sec equates to 8 Mb/sec (Mega bits/sec) which would be about right for a 10 Mb/sec comnnection.

vtecintegra, Jan 31, 11:02am
Yes you said that for the 7Mb/S speed, where did the 1. 1 come from?

swivel, Jan 31, 7:37pm
Torrent site i'd say

drcspy, Jan 31, 7:49pm
yeh clarify :

WHAT 'max out at 1. 1'

yet you're showin 7mb/s+ at - that is the TRUE 'interenet speed' so where are you getting that 1. 1 ?

kiwikidd77, Jan 31, 8:42pm
I'm on telstra cable and the consumer speed test just gave me 10. 24 1. 96 results. I'm happy with that.

pato1, Jan 31, 10:33pm
I am on Telestra Cable and just got D/L 4. 00 Mbps U/L 2. 00 Mbps.
Is that good or bad? .

kiwikidd77, Jan 31, 10:35pm
Depends on which plan you are on. I'm on their lightspeed 50 plan
if you're on a lower plan you could be limited to 5mbps

hayster94, Jan 31, 11:15pm
The 1gb and 5gb plans are limited to 4mbps. Anything between 10-80gb are 10mbps and then 25mbps for 120gb a month

pato1, Feb 1, 3:49am
OIC. I am on highspeed 5G so I guess my speed is about right eh. ?

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