Upgrade to ADSL2+, but the speed is even worse???

Okay it states it's possible to get 24 Mbps DL speed, 1 Mbps UL.

http://www.speedtest.net/result/701344765. png

What can I do about this?

geek_leobreaker, Feb 1, 1:13 pm

Call your ISP. Are you using an ADSL2+ capable modem-router?

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 1, 1:16 pm

Yea I'm using that new Thomson one. That's ADSL2+ capable right?

geek_leobreaker, Feb 1, 1:18 pm

Just did another test right then.

http://www.speedtest.net/result/701350196. png

geek_leobreaker, Feb 1, 1:19 pm

Have you restarted the modem?

geek_soodanim, Feb 1, 1:22 pm

just cause you maybe able to now get adsl2+ doesnt mean your connection will be any quicker especially if your on telecom dont expect to see much improvement.

Im on orcon here and get around 18mbps as im on an unbundled exchange and orcon have there own equipment at the exchange however i know if i was with any other provider here that uses telecoms equipment at the exchange i would get around 4-5mbps like the rest of the neighbourhood do.

geek_princelee, Feb 1, 1:32 pm

Can you do a speedtest and show me the pic? I need to show it to someone.

geek_leobreaker, Feb 1, 1:40 pm

http://www.speedtest.net/result/701366048. png

geek_princelee, Feb 1, 1:46 pm

Thanks for that. Absolutely ridiculous, gonna give them an ear-full lol. Not sure if it will change anything though.

geek_leobreaker, Feb 1, 1:53 pm

Oh another question, how much differential would there be b/w 50 miles and 150 miles?

geek_leobreaker, Feb 1, 1:54 pm

turn your modem off, turn off all downloads and web browsing, unplug every phone/fax anything in your house thats plugged into a phone wall socket, plug your modem in, turn it on and then run a speed test. see if anything improves.

geek_kane199, Feb 1, 1:59 pm

Go into the modem and see what the connection speed shows. 24Mbps is Max (so you have to be at the exchange for that). with the Thomson, did you put your user name etc in, or are you using Plug & Play. How old is your PC (as does it have an up-to-date NW port. What plan are you on, and how far away are you from the exchange. Max i've had on Xtra is 20. 01Mbps, Now only get 16Mbps as my System has been moved to the shed (wireless is alittle slower).

geek_swivel, Feb 1, 2:00 pm

Best way i can put it. Imagine your standing 50 meters away from somone, and you yell at them, they can just hear you, then you stand 150 meters away from them, would your yelling be the same volume as before?

geek_kane199, Feb 1, 2:06 pm

The little icon in the bottom right corner states 100 Mbps. And what user name? PC is almost 5 years old. (but I ran the test on my bro's macbook he got last week and similar results). I think on Big time? I'm in Dunedin, so I think the closest one is Ashburton or Chch.

geek_leobreaker, Feb 1, 2:13 pm

This is my result with Orcon <50 miles (not ADSL2)

http://www.speedtest.net/result/701381145. png

And >50 miles... .

http://www.speedtest.net/result/701382429. png

geek_jeremy_74, Feb 1, 2:15 pm

The icon in bottom right corner states the connection speed between your PC and Modem/Router. Nothing to do with your net speed.

geek_jeremy_74, Feb 1, 2:16 pm

Okay, thanks for that jeremy. But how do I go "into the modem"? ? ?

geek_leobreaker, Feb 1, 2:29 pm

In your web browser you enter IP address of modem. Telecom is usually 10. 1. 1. 1.
Default user name & password is normally 'admin' & 'admin'.

geek_jeremy_74, Feb 1, 2:35 pm

If this is worse than what you were getting on ADSL 1 then I'd have some very strong word with telecom about that. That said ADSL2 suffers more that ADSL 1 the further you are from the exchange, but you should not be getting worse than ADSL1. Also the more people that connect to the line the less your performance will be as well.

Make sure you have the router plugged directly into the phone jack (don't use an extension cord)Check the filters (if you use filters) on your phones. Go into your router config and check the levels for Line Attenuation and Noise levels as well as errors.

This site should help you figure out how bad or good your connection is http://hwiki. digitalsouth.net.nz/broadband/attenuationandnoi

geek_odin5, Feb 1, 2:37 pm

192. 168. 1. 254 for the modem ip

geek_swivel, Feb 1, 2:37 pm

Click start --> Run and type in cmd then hit enter then type in ipconfig and press enter
That should give you the gateway which will be your router/modem ip address

geek_odin5, Feb 1, 3:07 pm

Okay went to that. I'm at the Thomson Gateway thing. Is the speed the one under Broadband Connection>Internet and it's the data transferred (sent/received)? If so, mine says 1, 26 / 2, 33. Does that mean my DL speed is 2. 33Mbps? ?

geek_leobreaker, Feb 1, 3:20 pm

no see if there is a Line status information page (I'm not familiar with the telecom Thompson router config) Should be and option there for DSL Connection <view more> click that and it should bring up your line information.

geek_odin5, Feb 1, 3:31 pm

Just click on the Broadband Connection, there it should say Bandwidth (up/down)

geek_swivel, Feb 1, 3:38 pm

Is this it? http://img13. imageshack. us/img13/971/dslcon. jpg

geek_leobreaker, Feb 1, 3:54 pm

Ouch. thats a crap line.

geek_swivel, Feb 1, 3:59 pm

rofl telecom is NOT any kind of modem. The d-link modems they used to give out ran on the 10. 1. 1. 1 range maybe that's what you meant ? If so that is what you should have said.

Current modems given out by telecom are the thompson (192. 168. 1. 254) as detailed above.

geek_drcspy, Feb 1, 4:05 pm

isnt the information going down the line sound? just really high pitched? my point is the further away it is, the less the signal. did you try the elimination test? or have i missed something here.

geek_kane199, Feb 1, 4:32 pm

LOL yeah Imeant Telecom used to use 10. 1. 1. 1 range. I Had seen many non Telecom Dlink's use 192. 186. x. x range however. Havent touched a Tompson brand anything so was guessing IP.

geek_jeremy_74, Feb 1, 4:36 pm

That is a real bad line, have telecom run a test on it because it definitely needs some work done to it, that is the kind of line you'd get if you were 30ks away from the exchange, which unless you live in a rural area is highly unlikely

geek_odin5, Feb 1, 4:38 pm

I'm in Dunedin. Where is the closest exchange to me?

geek_leobreaker, Feb 1, 5:45 pm

I have no idea you will have to find out from telecom, but even if you were 5 ks from it, the line should not be that bad. Do the Line test for noise.

geek_odin5, Feb 1, 6:01 pm

yes it is my thompson is like 3 years old and its compatible. Have you noticed higher speeds?

geek_project_gundam, Feb 1, 6:37 pm

half of dunedin has been fiber optic so far. Check out the chorus website it tells you all of the exchanges in dunedin.

geek_project_gundam, Feb 1, 6:39 pm

No, as per title, reduced speed has been observed. My speedtest prior to installing the ADSL2+ clocked in at about 1. 7 Mbps (still pretty dismal) and now I range from 0. 8-1. 2 Mbps.

geek_leobreaker, Feb 1, 10:26 pm

I just checked speedtest.net and apparently I SHOULD be getting 6. 8 Mbps from Dunedin.

http://img641. imageshack. us/img641/7280/dunedinspeed. jpg

geek_leobreaker, Feb 1, 10:27 pm

Telecom is the problem.
The problem is Telecom.
Its the same no matter how you look at it

geek_ruki1, Feb 1, 11:45 pm

leobreaker wrote:
I just checked speedtest.net and apparently I SHOULD be getting 6. 8 Mbps from Dunedin.

http://img641. imageshack. us/img641/7280/dunedinspeed. jpg[/qu
Which is NOT adsl2+

geek_lythande1, Feb 2, 10:49 am

Which part of Dn are u in leo? I'm Balmac area and in the last week I've noticed I'm getting erratic but super speeds like never before! Even been up in the 20s... something I've never seen before, prior to that, normally in the 8s which seemed better than a lot of others. Also got a Thomson
http://www.speedtest.net/result/702468343. png

geek_lviolets, Feb 2, 11:17 am

Yeah it is, I only get 15Mbps

geek_swivel, Feb 2, 11:21 am

I'm in Dunedin North, and that is f**king outrageous!

geek_leobreaker, Feb 2, 12:14 pm

So what did telecom have to say when you rang them?

geek_odin5, Feb 2, 1:21 pm

For what its worth, ADSL+2 is no advantage to me cos I am not close enough to a cabinet. Btw, exchangeand cabinet not the same thing. Telecom ADSL+2 in Auck. anyway, is distributed through said cabinets.

geek_biggal, Feb 2, 1:58 pm

I'm in Dunedin too, was in St Clair, it was horrible while chorus were working (they stuffed up) and our speeds were all over the place, then it settled at 9mb down 1. 7mb up, now we are in caversham and the best we get is 5mb down

geek_malachiman, Feb 2, 2:23 pm

Okay have called up Telecom. They said it's because of the plan I'm on. I think I'm currently on Big Time and they say that the speed I'm getting is normal. I know it's reduced speeds but to this extent? ? ? So this has nothing to do with my line?

malachiman, lviolets and any others on Telecom, what plans are you guys on?

geek_leobreaker, Feb 5, 1:25 pm

And they also said I'm not on ADSL2+? ? ?

geek_leobreaker, Feb 5, 1:59 pm

Most are Adsl2+.

geek_swivel, Feb 5, 7:05 pm

Are you serious? Gahh will call them again tomorrow. Anyone else on Big Time and get more than 1 Mbps?

And which ones aren't ADSL2+?

geek_leobreaker, Feb 5, 7:40 pm

How much are you getting?

geek_leobreaker, Feb 5, 7:51 pm

here are the plans.

https://www.telecom.co.nz/broadband/select/1, 10627, 205728-20
4466, 00.html

But are you in an Adsl2+ area is the question.

geek_swivel, Feb 5, 8:45 pm