Help with replacing printer on elderly Windows 98

wron, Apr 30, 5:44am
Help with replacing printer on elderly Windows 98 computer needed please.
My 87 year old mum's printer up in Whangarei has died and I'm down in Auckland and trying to sort out a replacement.
Her computer runs on Windows 98 which is fine as she just uses it to read emails from family - nothing else. She has problems with her eyes so often prints out emails as well as the odd photo. The problem is her old printer has a parallel port and nobody can remember what's on the back of the computer - we are thinking it must have a USB port but aren't certain. I haven't been able to locate a cheap inkjet with a parallel port, and only one that will work with W 98, a CANON Pixma iP3300, the last one in stock at DSE. Would this run using USB {1.1 as so old) if there is a plug available on the computer? They're holding the printer till tomorrow. Thanks

nzmu, Apr 30, 5:56am
Epson models work with Win 98SE but have a usb connection.

wron, Apr 30, 6:00am
All Epsons or just some? Thanks for reply My mum only needs a basic machine.

nzmu, Apr 30, 6:04am
Pretty sure all do... Good basic printer CX90 or multifunction CX5500. But you need to make sure that the operating system is second edition not just Win98. Contact them for more info on 0800 23 77 66.

nzmu, Apr 30, 6:04am
Should be C90 without the X sorry.  

wron, Apr 30, 6:37am
What is "Second edition" please?

phil_boy, Apr 30, 6:41am
Windows 98 Second Edition... How to check which you have... Go to and it has instructions.

crashe, May 3, 9:47am
I ran a old HP Laserjet 4L on windows 98 when that died I went over to a HP laserjet 2100 Both had the big connection thingee to go into the back of the tower. There is a place in Albany that sell secondhand printers.

pcmaster, May 3, 11:29am
An older parallel printer should be cheap enogh to find on here. and a lot easier to install which would also save the hassle of mucking about with windows 98s USB

pc_nut, May 3, 11:37am
Go second hand parallel port 98 has issues with usb device support especially USB storage devices also we dont know if it has USB ports, so go with parallel port (the big connector with holes in it lol)

computerpro, May 3, 9:54pm
Yep, easy solution there are old & new parallel ports on the market

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