Please help with printer

drivers, Feb 1, 7:04am
Have got a 2nd hand Intel Celron, running Microsoft Windows XP
Professional Version 2002. Is it possible to connect my HP PSC 1400 All-in-One printer to this with out the printer disk.

spyware, Feb 1, 7:08am
Oddly enough HP have a website with all their drivers on it. Typical download sizes are 200 MB so you'll need a broadband connection.

drivers, Feb 1, 7:10am
Thanks for that - have broadband so will give it a go now.

drivers, Feb 1, 7:23am
Went to HP website but they don't have the exact model ie 1400
they have 1401, 2, 6, 8 10 etc. Is it okay to download one of these and will it work

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