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wiki55, Feb 2, 12:06am
I have a brand new HDD and have tried to connect my computer to my TV. It appears that the graphics card used, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver will not support the use of two monitors. Is this normal? I have a laptop with the same software and I can connect to my TV but I wondered if there is another driver I may need to find for my PC. Rang the tech who put this HDD together for me and he will fix it for me at a cost. Any help would be appreciated

vtecintegra, Feb 2, 12:09am
Onboard I'm assuming?

Depends on the motherboard, some have a HDMI and VGA, some just one output.

laj3, Feb 2, 12:11am
I think in this case the "HHD" is actually The desktop.

wiki55, Feb 2, 12:14am
I had a friend who came around and they were astounded. When I open the intel graphics icon, it will only allow one monitor not two. Not sure if its on the motherboard, I just used a VGA cable with a Y cable at the back of the HDD. My brother has the same TV and a PC so the set up should have been the same, except that my Graphics card wont do it. I donr like to say it but I actually think that the tech may have disabled this feature i order to create more work for him. This is my 6th system so I dont think I am totally ignorant... . at least I dont think so.

vtecintegra, Feb 2, 12:18am
If you're using a splitter it doesn't matter, the PC will only see it as one monitor anyway.

Just make sure its set to a resolution the TV can display.

laj3, Feb 2, 12:23am
correct. A Y splitter cable will show the exact same thing but on two screens.

wiki55, Feb 2, 12:41am
The problem is more with the Intel Graphics Media because this one will only show one monitor and not two. Usually, on previous systems, this card will allow me to connect to two monitors such as a projector or the TV but this will wont. I may have confused the issue, yes the HDD is my PC. I believe the Tech put a graphics card on this system which will only let me use one monitor whereas nrmally I can connect two monitors. What I would like to know though is, will this need a new driver or is there any way to change this so that I can use two monitors. Is anyone able to help me please.

vtecintegra, Feb 2, 12:47am
As posted if you are using a splitter you set it up as a single monitor, same thing will display on both.

The reason no option for a second monitor shows up is as far as the PC is concerned there is only one monitor connected.

laj3, Feb 2, 12:49am
the tv cant take the resolution of that the other monitor is showing, so wont show anything with the Y splitter?

drcspy, Feb 2, 2:15am
no, you have a brand new computer the hard drive is a component inside it

richms, Feb 2, 2:51am
you need a graphics card with dual outputs.

The intel graphics on mums computer has 3 outputs - DVI, HDMI and VGA, only 2 can be active at a time but it sure does support dual screens.

A splitter cable from one VGA socket to 2 monitors will only show the same thing on both, and quite poorly since the signal is split and lost.

Some proper graphics cards have a 59 pin plug that splits to D VGA or DVI plugs - thats probably what your firend has that can get 2 screens on one cable.

wiki55, Feb 2, 2:56am
Sorry for the confusion, the tower with the HDD is the only thing new. So the tech put this tower together for me, new, with my own authentic CDs for Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2007 etc. But again, the Intel Graphics card that he installed will only allow me to use one monitor. With the Y cable I should be able to connect either a Projector or a TV and it will not let me. This is the latest Graphics card too by the way. The resolution for the TV is fine as it is a fairly new Samsung, LCD 40" and will work if I connect to the TV using the laptop. I am not sure if I am explaining this correctly. But it is definately the Intel Graphics Card. My one on the laptop is an Intel Graphics Media Mobile and I assume that is because it is for a Laptop. The issue is this 1) WHy can I not connect the two monitors2) When I click on the Display feature of the Graphics program, it will only show one monitor and not two. 3) Is anyone, in the know, aware that this can happen with Intel GraphicsMedia Accelerator Driver 4) IS there a way to fix this without having to pay. If there isnt, then thats fine, I will call the tech. But I just wanted to be sure and I really do appreciate your feedback and help.

soodanim, Feb 2, 3:22am
Intel Graphics card?

Where on the tower do you connect the monitor? Near the other things like the mouse and keyboard etc?

wiki55, Feb 2, 3:32am
Yes. In the usual place. But if I want to connect the projector or the TV, I use a Y splitter and then connect the PC monitor to one and the VGA cable to the other, then the other end of the VGA cable is connected to the back of the TV.

turn_out, Feb 2, 3:36am
Soodanim your comment on another post re Notebooks not having a dedicated graphics card has only highlighted your lack of knowledge on this subject. Please leave this message board before you make yet another idiotic statement! !

wiki55, Feb 2, 3:41am
Oh gosh, I thought I was imagining that this Member was treating me like I dont know what I was talking about. Thanks turn_out for the support.

soodanim, Feb 2, 3:43am
Hmmm maybe you should read properly... . I said most... . and they don't so byte me.

ropes2, Feb 2, 3:47am
Intel dont make graphics cards, but internal graphics processors which are built into the motherboard - these are very poor quality which is why there is a market for add-on graphics cards.

In your situation, it just sounds like you need to go the intel site, search your model (GMA 950 or similar) and download the user interface software, perhaps even update the drivers if it needs it.

Also check in control panel that all your motherboard drivers are loaded and the com ports are actually working with no errors.

ropes2, Feb 2, 3:52am
Actually this is ONLY the usual place for on-board graphics. Because you keep calling your on-board graphics a 'graphics CARD', it's quite confusing. If you had a proper graphics card, the port would be found further down the back of your PC - not near your keyboard, mouse etc.

soodanim, Feb 2, 3:53am
Well I am sorry but you don't as above Intel don't make graphics cards. You will have onboard graphics and turn_out has been corrected that I was correct in my comment.

wiki55, Feb 2, 3:58am
Ropes2, your answer made so much sense to me and I immediately found what I needed on the site as suggested. But I will ask a friend to do all that you have said.
Oh... andI really did not know what to call it, just knew that this is where I went to try and set it up.
Thanks sooo much people... Have a good 1

vtecintegra, Feb 2, 3:58am
Again, this is not a problem because as far as the PC is concerned there is only one monitor connected (that it is split into two identical signals is 100% irrelevant)

wiki55, Feb 2, 4:14am
I realise that by using a splitter, I am splitting the signal but needed whatever was showing on my PC to also show on my TV. I know this will sound really dumb but my friends and I like to watch "you tube" on my big screen amongst other things. My PC is in my home office in the room next to the lounge where my TV is.
Well, I can go off to my BBQ and ask one of my more techie mates to come round and do as you have all suggested. Thanks again... You guys are awesome

drcspy, Feb 2, 5:55am
sood is trying to ascertain whether you have an addon card or it's built onto the motherboard... ... . .

ruki1, Feb 2, 6:51pm
Install a second card.

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