Thermal Receipt Printer

lollyjar, Feb 2, 9:14am
Help. I purchased a thermal receipt printer which is running thru the serial port on my new computer. When I try to print a test page in properties, it says that it is printing and then disappears as if it has been printed, but nothing gets printed. If I use the print test page on the printer itself it works fine. I don't understand about the dip switches on the printer, but I think they are set for serial and 9600 baudrate? ? which seems to be what the serial port says. Duh? Can anyone help?

pyro_sniper2002, Feb 2, 9:17am
sounds right, are you using the right driver? try a generic/text only driver. Is the printer on the right com port?

lollyjar, Feb 2, 9:30am
They gave me a disk that has the driver on it which seems to have loaded. I have one port which the monitor is in and the only other free serial port is the one which the printer is plugged into.
What do you mean by generic/text only driver?

ruki1, Feb 2, 10:04am
Should it be plugged into the parallel port?
Check the bios settings before the pc boots and see if the parallel
port is enabled

pyro_sniper2002, Feb 2, 10:08am
No, most thermal receipt printers work off RS232, generic/text only is a driver that should work on your receipt printer, but it sounds like you have the right one anyway, only thing i can think of is that its configured for the wrong com port, or the paper is not in properly.

alt-essentials, Feb 2, 9:25pm
We have the same problem with the one we bought too. . it is RS232 25pin serial. . I suspect it might be the cable maybe? we are running it 25pin - 9 pin serial. . would it be possible this is our problem? maybe poster #1 has similar set up

radiowaves, Feb 2, 9:32pm
Yes agree. I would be looking at the cable/hand shaking. Did the cable come with the printer?
What other DIP switch settings are there especially relating to protocol and hand shaking?

alt-essentials, Feb 2, 9:46pm
No the cable didn't come with it, it was second hand just came with printer and power supply. I just went and bought one which fitted both the comp and printer. . but I am thinking this is my problem

Sorry i dont have the printer here in front of me so cant answer the Q about the dip switch etc at the moment

I am not meaning to hijack #1's thread but maybe this might be reliant to #1 as well

radiowaves, Feb 2, 9:53pm
Not a hijack as I'm thinking a similar problem. It's been ages since I did any serial stuff but it can be an issue getting it working.

But as I said in my last post I would be looking at handshaking (hardware & software) and protocols .

Software handshaking (xon/xoff) is the easiest plus you need both ends set the same protocol wise (start bits, stop bits and parity). All good fun stuff.

Someone with more recent experience may be of more help than me. Good luck.

d.laidlaw, Feb 2, 9:56pm
#8 If I can be rude for a second, both ends of your cable are female?

david13, Feb 2, 10:10pm
the way i use to test the com printer was from cmd window do a dir>com1 and the printer would print the text just for confiming printer is connected correctly but this was years ago running windows 2000

gyrogearloose, Feb 2, 10:27pm
For debugging serial port problems I recommend the 'Free Serial Port Monitor' from HDD software. You run it and attach to COM1 (etc), then run the print job - you should be able to see the computer initiating the job, otherwise you print software isn't writing to COM1 (ie; a setup problem).

There's two kinds of serial cable, regular, and null modem (crossover) - so try another cable (once you have confirmed that data is being written to the COM port).

pyro_sniper2002, Feb 2, 10:56pm
Just checking, the DB25 end was going into the printer, and not the computer, correct?

radiowaves, Feb 2, 11:01pm
Is this like a software breakout box kind of thing?

gyrogearloose, Feb 2, 11:11pm
The software hooks onto the COM port and writes the send and receive data to the screen. For example with a serial modem you can see the AT strings being sent to the modem, and see what responses the modem makes. But yes, similar to a breakout box, the flashing lights or presence of data gives you assurance that there is something going down the cable.

alt-essentials, Feb 2, 11:14pm
correct, this is the printer we have asp

i see on this site the cable we have might be correct maybe. . or maybe i bought the null modem kind as per gyros post

i am on the laptop at work so can't test anything at the moment but will re read this and test when i can

radiowaves, Feb 2, 11:26pm
Yeah I forgot about the modem/null modem shit. That's why I hate serial. I will have a look at the software gyro although no serial ports here.

alt-essentials, Feb 2, 11:43pm
So could anyone tell me where to buy a cable that will be the right one? i just looked on dickie smiths and their ones say Modem cable so i am guessing thats not the right one, and not much luck on TM either as i really dont know what to look for

Thanks very much for your help so far, and sorry #1 if i have hijacked

do you think i should start another thread?

gyrogearloose, Feb 3, 2:56am
Jaycar have modem and null modem cables (I don't think you should use a null-modem cable with a printer), together with gender changers and DB9/DB25 converters. Regarding your printers - if they have several inputs, such as USB, Parallel and Serial, then I'm thinking the printer should have a menu option where you select which 1 of those inputs is active. Maybe this is the case and you haven't selected the correct input using the switches or buttons - look in the manual.

lollyjar, Feb 3, 7:48am
Thanks people, but lovely people at Dick Smith's loned me a new cable to try and it didn't make any difference. So I think that the dip switches are not set correctly.
Alt-essentials, did you buy yours off a business through trademe?

jeremy_74, Feb 3, 8:26am
You might find the cable is not a standard cable.

Ive had to make up a few serial cables in the past for POS printers.

This manual shows the wiring you need>>>>

http://tiny. cc/yRbBz

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