Promotion. Free 1gb per month Filesharing for life

fastboy42, Feb 3, 7:31am
I have just started my own forum etc. As a promotion I would like to give away 5 lifetime subscriptions to our file sharing service. You upload almost any file type you want. If everyone respects the rules of the filesharing , then I will hand out more.

(Note: If you would like anUnlimited File Sharing subscription, it requires a donation to our forum)

If you would like to check it out before taking the plunge... .
check it out here:

If you would like an account with 1gb per month for free for life. Please post here.

r.g.nixon, Feb 3, 7:32am
Yeah. One for me. Thank you very much for your kind donation!

pdbeattie, Feb 3, 7:33am
voted for self promo

pdbeattie, Feb 3, 7:34am
No commercial use or self-promotion
Over posting or spamming of the message board ruins it for others. The message board is for open discussion only, please do not advertise any auction, product, or service. This includes trying to facilitate a trade through the message boards (including wanted postings. )

fastboy42, Feb 3, 7:45am
oh ok. I just thought some people might like something free. I will edit my post out then. Offer canceled.

ferita, Feb 3, 7:47am
Good luck with that.
Also good luck with explaining to the judge about the illegal stuff people end up uploading on the server. They can and will extradite you to the USA if you are using US servers.

There is no way on earth I would be offering this to people.

fastboy42, Feb 3, 7:47am
ok. I can't edit my post. Why's that? ?

fastboy42, Feb 3, 7:50am
oh @ferita, I keep a very close eye on what is being uploaded. By accepting the offer, you would have also been agreeing to our rules. I have the rights to suspend any account of anyone who does anything illegal on my site.

ferita, Feb 3, 7:56am
The reason I am saying this is I had hosting and had about 15 of my sites and heaps of friends sites. One guy thought it would be good to put some mp3s on his site. I had my account closed along with all the other friends who I had hosted or free.

fastboy42, Feb 3, 7:59am
wow. Thanks for warning me I will be careful.

malachiman, Feb 3, 8:04am
not sure I would trust anyone addicted to spore

fastboy42, Feb 3, 8:07am
What are you trying to say?

dunedin_ree, Feb 3, 8:14am
So much wrong with that site.

fastboy42, Feb 3, 8:16am
could you please tell me what problems you are experiencing?

dunedin_ree, Feb 3, 8:21am
I'm experiencing lots of problems, including slow loading websites, references to registration without links, things that look like links that aren't, bad spelling and grammar, default wordpress themes (why not tie it in with your joomla theme? ), missing images, weird links to something that looks like your filesharing area... ...

The look & feel is nice, but everything else would put me off spending more than a minute at your site.

fastboy42, Feb 3, 8:24am
joomla? I dont use joomla. The blog is under construction. I don't know about the weird links and what are the missing images you are talking about. Could you please provide a little more info. .

dunedin_ree, Feb 3, 8:28am
I assumed Joomla because that's the file I can see in your filesharing area.

Perhaps proof your material (and blog) a little more.

fastboy42, Feb 3, 8:31am
Its probably because most of it is run on scripts, ( I am going to go through and check for errors)

dunedin_ree, Feb 3, 8:33am
You get scripts to write your content?


fastboy42, Feb 3, 8:37am
I mean I have scripts that run the site. I write the content myself. By errors , do you mean spelling etc?

ferita, Feb 3, 8:48am
Im not very familiar with this script you are using but most of these uploading type scripts are vulnerable to people uploading php shells eg c99 and its variants. You then basically have no control

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