Decent family printer - laser

jane310567, Feb 3, 10:21am
We are looking for a good laser printer that doesnt cost the earth to replace the toner etc. Was looking for multi function but these are very expensive and not not sure thay are worth it! Any one know of good brands?

missyone, Feb 3, 10:29am
hp are great, do you have multiple computers in your house, you may want to get a network ready or wireless one, no need to have to plug it in each time you want to print.

kcc55a, Feb 3, 7:27pm
think carefuly before you buy a multi-function one ... . do you really need all the other functions that add to the cost. We have been using a Brother HL 2040 for years and it has been exceptionally reliable. Cartridge prices are not cheap but then I dont think any laser printer has cheap cartridges.

acura, Feb 3, 7:34pm
Then again you gotta consider cost per page with a laser... granted they cost a bit but if you factor in how much print you get outta them. I got a brother laser printer myself and i have not replaced the cartridge since i got it couple of years ago now. I'd recommend brother also - great bang for your buck IMO - i don't think they compare well in a business environment with high print volumes but i at home...

d.laidlaw, Feb 3, 8:01pm
Brother user here too. We upgraded from an 1200 to a 4050CDN (man is that a machine) a year and a half ago and while I have gone through 2 and a half sets of toner (including some long life toners), I have put boxes of paper through the thing.

The only time it missed a beat was when I tried using some 3rd party cartridges to save 10%. They were rubbush and the service from the company concerned left a lot to be desired.

Since then I have only used genuine cartridges and have always had good results.

d.laidlaw, Feb 3, 8:04pm
I should add that the 1200 had not been used for about 12 months and as part of an event last year I needed 1500 double sided registration forms at one stage (2400 images at more than 5%) and so I figured I might as well run off as many as I could through the 1200.

It managed 2000 images before the toner coughed its last and no paper jams, no issues at all.

geoff_m, Feb 4, 6:30am
I have a Brother 1230, whcih gets aound 2000 pages for a cartridge. A refill has given no problems. Printed a 370 page thesis non stop with no problems.

badcam, Feb 4, 7:04am
I'm starting to think otherwise. I have a Brother HL-2040 and the drum needs replacing. For almost the same price of a drum, I can buy a Brother HL-2040. Sure, it contains the smaller cartidge, but then I get a new printer.

However, I look at that and think, why not pay a little more and get a brother MFC-7340 Multifunction ($349 form DSE). I bought my folks one around a year ago and it's the shizzle. The good news is that the replacement drum and cartridges are the same price as what you pay for the cheaper printer.

So, I'm thinking... will I feel better buying a replacement drum or cartridge at say $105 for a an equivalent price HL-2040 or a full on Multifunction MFC-7340?

Does that make sense?

saveloy-soup, Feb 4, 7:12am
I've had my Canon MP380 now for about 5years, its a multi function, but I bought it specifcally for the quality of the photos it prints. I've put about 500 plus, A4, full colour , high quality prints through it, plus hundreds more post card size, and its still going strong. Have been using 3rd party inks for a few years now, ($40 for five colours), no problem at all.

ferita, Feb 4, 7:29am
Brother user here too
You can grab them so cheap plus they do an excellent job

badcam, Feb 4, 7:33am
Strike the DSE price on the MFC-7340. Yesterday it was $349. 00 but today it's $379. 00

socram, Feb 4, 8:47am
For the flexibility, I bought a Konica Minolta colour Laser. It comes with small toners (4) but as they run out, you replace them with full size toners that are not cheap. The first (small set) lasted about two or three years (I am not a heavy user of the colour)!

When it needed servicing, the technician was almost in love with the machine. Very, very impressed with he way he talked me through it and the care with which he treated it.

Getting toner supplies was a problem however, as the device retailers do not seem to stock them, you have to deal direct with e office - and that wasn't as smooth unles you cfreate an account with them, in which case they'll courier to you. Whenm any one toner packs up, I couldn't print at at all, but I think that maybe the technician kows how to get past these hiccups as there isa programme within the device that shows on your computer, what the toner levels are. Easy toner replacement and one drum at a time.

lucky.gadgets, Feb 4, 8:51am
We have a Brother HL2140 laser, its the best. So cheap to run compared to those inky ones. You can pick them up for as little as $119.

badcam, Feb 5, 8:55am
I went out and bought an MFC-7340 today. $299. 00, if you take off the $50 cashback ;) (when it arrives). Not a bad price though from the Warehouse Stationery.

One thing I love about Brother Printers, is that they do a darned good job with providing Linux Drivers. Sweet. It will be very interesting to see if the Fax works with my neked DSL.

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