Bought my own domain - what free hosting sites?

jayrex, Feb 4, 9:57pm
Hi there. i have just bought my own website name through free parking, and want to use it for mostly hobby. Freeparking has a free one page website i can usebut i can only put about 3 pictures on it, as it has very limited space.

Are there any free sites that you know of, that allow redirection, so i can use my own website name?

I want to try and avoid paying for one, as Im not a business.

Any ideas?


r.g.nixon, Feb 4, 10:11pm
Maybe dot. tk - I've used it for years.

jayrex, Feb 4, 10:17pm
hi thanks r. g. nixon

Im not sure dot. tk is what im looking for. i already have a short dot website name... i just need a website builder and host, that i can use site name on.

I'll go read that site you suggested, again properly - but it looks like you have to have a dot tk webname

jayrex, Feb 4, 10:34pm
aha. just saw another thread. i will check out

paper-man, Feb 5, 7:49am, last time i used it it worked fairly well.

l43a2, Feb 5, 7:51am
i could give you free hosting if you want.

pdh, Feb 5, 8:44am
I use

misty, Feb 5, 8:48am is a fantastic site and sooooo easy to use. I built my own website in about 2 hrs last weekend. AND it's free! I already had a domain name and was able to configure it to use that address. So simple I couldn't believe it, lol.

fastboy42, Feb 5, 9:32am
I recommend what pdh said. I used it for about 3 months. The only reason I changed is because they offer 1. 5gb. My site is now 7gb.

soodanim, Feb 5, 10:02am
7GB for a website? Geez even 1. 5GB is OTT... . lol

What type of website needs 7GB?

fastboy42, Feb 5, 10:10am
Well I have a growing forum. The 2000 flash gamesin the arcade sucked the usage up pretty quickly :p.

little_egypt, Feb 5, 7:24pm

You don't do a redirect though, just set up cname's in DNS to point to ghs. Google sites are a little limited though, good for basic stuff and very easy to update but you can't do bare html or php.

mattnzw, Feb 6, 10:59am
You get what you pay for with web hosting. If you pay peanuts, you don't get any support, so you have to know what you are doing. If you use a website builder site, then you are stuck with that provider, and they may raise their prices (which is very likely long term), so unless you stay with them you would lose your website. You are best to use a proper paid web host, and upload the website over FTP, so you can move it from host to host.

doggitt, Feb 6, 11:16am
You can rent domain space for like less than $1 a week.

mattnzw, Feb 6, 11:25am
Yes, but what sort of support do you get , and how reliable re the servers. Usually these really cheap hosts will host you on over sold low cost servers where you are with thousands of other people.

doggitt, Feb 6, 11:30am have great support, they have helped me through a fair bit. Never had an issue with their servers. I've been with them for about four years. $50 a year.

hasbeana, Feb 6, 2:14pm
if you want free go to

pdh, Feb 6, 9:37pm
I have used free web hosting for years and years but have NEVER needed support. Because I have never needed it then it wouldn't bother me it you had to pay for it (still trying to think why I would even need to pay for it when it's not required).
The 2 free hosting sites I have used have never forced anything on my sites so I wonder if you are trying to scare people away from free web hosting. All I can say is that I have got EXCELLENT value, for the money I haven't paid, without a problem.

I would be interested in the hosting that you use that requires alot of support?

mattnzw, Feb 7, 4:02am
The support you need totally depends what you are trying to do, the complexity of your website, and your technical knowledge. Some people need a lot of hand holding, for things such as uploading their website and setting up email accounts etc. You sound like you know what you are doing, but the majority of people don't. I have used a lot of free hosts too in the past, since 2000 but all of them in the end have either gone out of business, required me to pay, have terrible reliability (eg. one lost my website and wasn't able to retrieve it because they didn't do backups), or have required me to put ads on the site (orcons freehosting). Some even require you to regually participate in their forums, otherwise they will delete your site. There maybe a few good ones, but there is really no such thing as free in the long term, because someone has to pay as it costs to buy/lease a server.

swivel, Feb 7, 4:06am
#1Host your own site

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