Help problem with printer Brother DCP-165c...

caprio1, Feb 4, 11:04pm
XP software, error message reads: 'USB device attached has malfunctioned. Windows does not recognize it. '

Control Panel, Printer & Faxes, I have 3 icons:
a) Brothr Printer DCP 165c, 1, Offline (doesn't work online either)
b) Microsoft XPS Doc REad, 0, ready
c) PaperPort Image Printer, 0, ready

The drivers are installed and working. Wizard tells me 'cannot find a better match.

USB Root Hub (2 ports) reads:
a) mouse
b) unknown device

When I doubl

r.g.nixon, Feb 5, 12:05am
Try another USB port.

pcmaster, Feb 5, 12:17am
have you been messing with the usb cable?

some usb printers get confused if you install them while connected to one port, then unplug it and put it into a different one.

to try a different port, uninstall the printer software, then restart and reinstall it.

caprio1, Feb 5, 1:43am
#3, this could be the case. It's actually me flatmate's laptop and I know he pulled the cable out once but I think he plugged it back in in the same place. Not sure if he's done it again since. Will try the uninstall/reinstall, as you say, and return to thread if I still have problems, thanks.

rgtrading, Feb 5, 3:42am
Try uninstall, restart and reinstall drivers. Sometimes that will do the trick.

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