Kodak easyshare printer 500. Help please anyone?

subo, Feb 5, 4:32am
My printer is leaving 1/3 of the photo paper blank when a photo is printed. The problem is not the cartridge or the paper and I have updated the firmware in it also. Sooo, I wonder if anyone would know how to fix these. My only option so far is to pay $90 to have it looked at in Oz.

ferita, Feb 5, 4:47am
You could probably just buy a printer second hand for 50 bucks or so on here.

yep here is one

drcspy, Feb 5, 5:14am
how are you goin about printing ? are you using the kodak software or windows functions ?

subo, Feb 5, 5:15am
Thanks ferita that is the same idea except that my one has the built in screen where that one is more for docking your camera onto it and you use the camera as your screen.

subo, Feb 5, 5:17am
drcspy... . Using it as a stand alone.

drcspy, Feb 5, 5:18am
oh the printer ?

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