Windows 7 Administrator Problems

Hi, strangely enough windows keeps telling me I am not the administrator while in the user account I am. Anyway now it removed my icons by the clock! And when I want to retrieve them it does not let me because I am not the administrator! How do I let windows 7 know I AM the administrator? ? ?

geek_cherieandmark, Feb 7, 10:10 am

It sounds like your user account is a limited one rather than an administrator one. Do you have more than one login account on your computer?

If you need the account you are using to be an administrator account (and can login to another account that is administrator after logging out of the present one, go to control panel -> user accounts and edit the account type of the one you want to change from standard user to administrator. Logout and then login to the other one.

If for some reason this is happening on the only account present, then go to the same place to create a new administrator account. Logout, then login to the new account and follow the same process above. Logout of the created account, login to your original, then go to user accounts and delete the newly created one.

geek_dap, Feb 7, 10:22 am

You may find this helpful ... http://is. gd/7PWhq
or the full (and broken link)

geek_pheonix, Feb 7, 10:22 am

Also this may be of some use. I had a link for a neat little add-on that does this through the right-click context menu, but damned if I can find it now. Must have a cleanup if I can find soe time.
http://is. gd/7PY06

geek_pheonix, Feb 7, 10:33 am

What happened was that I used windows transfer to transfer all files from my XP to the new windows 7, and thats where the problem started... :(

geek_cherieandmark, Feb 7, 11:38 am

Tis possible that you need to take administrator rights to the files you have transferred across from XP. Usually happens if name on Xp is different from W7.

geek_fraseroz1, Feb 7, 1:40 pm