Printer won't scan no ink,whats with that,

bsj, Feb 7, 5:09am
Is that a catch 22, I dont need ink to scan, But it wont let me scan,
Canon pixma 210

r.g.nixon, Feb 7, 5:39am
Sounds odd. Maybe it is a peculiarity with that model?

kiwikidd77, Feb 7, 5:45am
My neighbour has the same model. And the same problem, NO ink = no scanning allowed. DUMB idea on Canon's part.

gyrogearloose, Feb 7, 6:25am
No, I don't think this fits the definition of Catch-22, as I understand it.

There's some things here that you could try to reset the printer:

rgtrading, Feb 7, 7:20pm
It's cannons lovely way of getting you to fork out more for ink than you did for the printer in the first place. You can get cheap imitation cartridges online, although you will probably void your warranty using them, and sometimes their cheap ink will clog the head if they aren't used for a while.

james, Jun 9, 4:14am
Umm hold the stop button for 5 seconds if it is a canon this will bypass the ink message and allow you to scan, fax and even print.

guest, Jun 22, 5:29am
I have a brother dcp-j125 it has plenty of ink but will not scan I am 70 but I am not that stupid

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