willz29, Apr 30, 11:48pm
Torrentspy now that the site is gone, what are the best torrent search engines to use?

oberkat, May 1, 12:43am
All of them with a metasearch engine

willz29, May 1, 12:59am
Great tool thank you

paddaricko, May 1, 1:05am
I was using this one but they don't seem to be connected with The Pirate Bay any longer.

paddaricko, May 1, 1:49pm
Nice one oberkat That bit che is a good tool alright. Don't even need to open your browser to find and download. Cheers mate.

tabitha, May 3, 5:22am
#4 I did too - once then I got a rude letter. Like getting pregnant the first time.

paddaricko, May 3, 5:23am
What did the letter say tabitha?

tabitha, May 3, 5:48am
Said I'd been bad & would be dropped if i did it again!

jmpcwiz, May 3, 6:20am is rubbish ever since they made the site 'legal' if you want to say, by removing a lot main trackers from its search engine. I suggest give - Its exactly like youtorrent but better as it searches all sites. Give also a try :D

faceup, May 4, 2:11am Hail to the king, baby.

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