Adobe flash player problem

loey, Feb 8, 4:56am
A couple of days ago I allowed an update of Adobe Flash Player and since then, when using IE8 I've often got a message asking me to allow Adobe Flash Player to make changed to my computer, when on different sites. If I click on 'allow', then the message won't go away, but keeps returning, and if I click on 'don't allow', then it closes, but comings back again in about 10-15 mins. 6 weeks ago I upgrade from Vista to Win 7 on this computer. Does anyone know the solution. I've never had this problem before and have always 'allowed' the updates previously.

biggal, Feb 8, 6:56am
http://kb2. bit of a long shot.
Uninstall Flash player as per link and then install latest version, V9 I think

loey, Feb 8, 8:04am
Thanks for that, but think I've got it beaten!

lostdude, Feb 8, 8:54am
v10 is the latest.

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