best secure hosting / best free shopcart s/ware

scuttle, Feb 9, 9:30am
hi everyone looking for recomendations for best value secure hosting (is it too hard to work with an overseas host)? also recomendations for free shopping mall / cart software, , , , , Thanks in advance

malachiman, Feb 9, 9:34am
hmmm, if you need help with this then setting up security and a shopping cart will be a little harder ;)

Suggestion, pay someone who knows what they are doing, especially when CC processing is involved.

swivel, Feb 9, 9:36am's local and knows what he is doing. He should head you in the correct path.

ilottl, Feb 9, 11:11am
I use, has a few carts with wizards, not too bad for price, I have the IP plan with unlimited sites, bandwidth and space. I have only had to contact technical support once and it was a script error so service was OK.

malachiman, Feb 9, 12:01pm
and people wonder why when they ring a NZ company they get an overseas call center. . gee start supporting NZ based companies

mattnzw, Feb 10, 1:47am
I'm with Super Host NZ (google the name) Support is NZ based and very good, and come with a range of free shopping carts. However you should note that you are better to buy an ecommerce package, as some of the freeones are no longr being developed. Also you get support for the shopping cart software from the developer and not the web host.

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