New Vodafone Offer

New Vodafone Offer Sales team come knocking at my door, trying to sign me up to new $90 package (Homeline plus 20GB plan including unlimited local and national calls). Is this genuine? Sounds too good to be true. Anybody got salesmen knocking on their door?

geek_mone, May 1, 3:15 pm

LOL It is too good to be true. There broadband services are shit :-(, May 1, 3:18 pm

Apage i dont mean wireless, i mean DSL

geek_mone, May 1, 3:19 pm

90?! we pay $80 for that, free national calls, 20GB Full speed, that's... home line and DSL

geek_metalfreak1, May 1, 3:20 pm

They don't offer that they offer similar stuff though.

geek_kickpac5, May 1, 4:05 pm

I pay $80 thru ihug for that deal now...but it was only for a year...and it finishes in Aug. it was a saving of $30 off their normal a better offer is around in Aug...i would prob seriously look at that deal

geek_litldevil, May 1, 5:44 pm

And #2... they are probably on a par with most ISP's. can wait on the line for 30min for helpdesk if you need it..but i expect wait times are much the same with most isps

geek_litldevil, May 1, 5:46 pm

Dont like Vodafone Speeds dont make me smile...

geek_l624628, May 1, 5:47 pm

But is it any worse than telecom cos their speeds suck for me

geek_micky_1, May 1, 6:39 pm

All good we've got vodafone/ihug broadband and speed seems all good - haven't had any problems with them (compared to other internet providers I have used in the past).

geek_getwired_nz, May 1, 7:10 pm

Metalfreak where are you getting your deal from?

geek_mmw10, May 1, 7:41 pm

Ihug were voted fourth worst ISP in the recent Consumer survey, and Vodafone third worst (this was before vodafone swallowed the ihug brand). All I can say, is there is a reason they were rated that low.

geek_bogues1, May 1, 9:16 pm

#4 metalfreak? who are you with?

geek_mone, May 2, 3:09 am

Stick Vodastone Been an 021 for years!!! was considering changing to their homephone/broadband package!! untill today!!! paid my cell acc 5 days ago!! 2day its been restrictad!!! They cant find the payment! wat a joke....So this was the end.... Me wipe Vodaproneto shit and go telecom prepaid.

geek_tomt, May 3, 1:10 am

Oh... Because it was friday 3pm wen i rung them..... " sorry but theres nothing we can do till monday as its too late in the day and we are closed at 5"" WHAT????? didnt I see on the news 2nite that the reason VODAKRONE tower has all its lights on is that its a ""24/7 Operation""
Just anutha joke... and if u cant use ur phone because we have lost your payment, you still we be charged the service fee... So byby Vodachrone lolololololol

geek_tomt, May 3, 1:17 am

Tomt My vodafone account is 6 weeks overdue, and I'm still using my mobile.

geek_mone, May 3, 1:48 am

Us... kiwis are hard done by when it comes to broadband/phone deals. It's shyte.

geek_puddleduck00, May 3, 1:51 am

U can say what ever u want about Vodafone... But there still a dam site better than Telescum...

geek_mairehau, May 3, 2:02 am

16... Ur lucky!!!!!! mine was 4weeks and they shut it down... sucks...

geek_tomt, May 3, 9:38 am

Mairehau They came here and Tried taking me off Telecom, Phone-Mobile-BB for here and at home. They couldn't Beat the Price I get from TC. And if I have a problem, I have a Direct dial to my Customer support guy (same guy since 2004). So Great service from TC

geek_swivel, May 3, 9:48 am

NZ phone and ISP NZ phone and ISP companies do not provide good service,at reasonable prices, at least compared to Toronto and Montreal in Canada in 2001.
Imagine to get broadband (slow DSL) that you might pay NZ$37.5 ( installation and first month (includes phoneline and modem) and then NZ$30 a month there after. That is all up phoneline and broadband, and data for less than just a phone line in NZ at that time. Ok, you did pay for outgoing telephone calls, but then you could choose to use VOIP (such as Skype, and jabber).
NZ=free money for telcos.

geek_pogue1, May 5, 8:48 am