Server cabinets

charles.j, Feb 9, 11:41pm
Are they all generally the same size? or are they all different? I'm going to put all my rubbish in one place. Two of the ancient servers have rails and the switch has rack mounts.

floydbloke, Feb 10, 12:33am
19" width is the standard, and so is the distance between the square cage-nut mounting holes. Depth can vary, I think 1000mm is pretty common, height varies.

edit: 19" is the inside width, between the mounting rails.

damon3, Feb 10, 1:38am
Just be aware that comms cabinets are not suitable for servers (not deep enough) or your typical Cisco router for the same reason, also, typically server racks only come in one height which is 1. 8m.
Good luck.

richms, Feb 11, 7:54am
its 17" between rails, 19" to the outside edge. Thats the reason that most audio gear is 17" or 435mm wide.

Watch out, because there are 21"cabinets that have 19" internal space. Ended up with a small one of that which I had to cut and weld to be any use.

Real server racks are 1. 1m deep or so - look at the depth of a 1u server and allow room behind for cable management etc. Not viable for home use really. there are some 600mm deep racks that are ok for 4U cases since they will hang on just the front normally.

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