Whats a scanner worth??? Acer 340P.

Have this to sell the wife (hubby here) wants a good price...

It has the parallel 25pin plugs at each end, it's also MISSING the Power pack (also No software)...

What do you guys think? ? ? I know that whole scanner is Cheap to buy on here, with software & cables etc...

geek_kiwigal, Feb 10, 3:42 pm

$1 reserve it, but don't think you'll get any takers. just chuck it :)

geek_nextplease, Feb 10, 4:20 pm

I doubt it will even sell. Scanners are a dime a dozen and your one sounds old as

geek_ferita, Feb 10, 4:31 pm

it has a parrallel connection?

chuck it

geek_doggitt, Feb 10, 4:33 pm

Yeah it looks fairly old. I remember we had a parallel scanner back in about 98/99, it was slow as a wet week.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Feb 10, 4:38 pm

Wick. as slow as a wet wick :)lol

geek_thunderstorm, Feb 10, 7:15 pm

I took three of those to eday (two were USB scanners) could not even give them away. I've since been given another which I'm also not expecting anyone will want.

Put it up $1 reserve but don't expect anyone to actually buy it...

geek_little_egypt, Feb 10, 7:27 pm

kiwigal if you put them on your driveway, i still don't think anybody would take them.

geek_mone, Feb 10, 7:29 pm

Took one to the dump a few weeks ago, kept the cable

geek_ctnz, Feb 10, 8:02 pm

Wrong. Week here. http://enart. zjbr.com/wet/wet-week-or-wet-wick-726262.htm

geek_hakatere1, Feb 11, 3:17 am