what on earth is going on with my printer !! help!

jano8, Feb 10, 1:03pm
big sigh ! ! ! don't know whats going on, but suddenly tonight printers not going ? when i press print, nothing prints, checking printer file & it shows all correct printer ticked etc, but there is nothing even showing waiting to print ? even though i have sent a few doc to print file. BUT if i unplug comp from printer & press print i can see the docs queing to print. BUT when i plug comp back in - they disappear again as though they have been printed. BUT my computer is doing nothing ! why do things like this always happen when you have a big project and deadline ! !

so it seemswhen i press print they must go to print spool and then disappear as though they have been printed BUT THEY HAVEN'T.

can any of youtechs out there give me any idea. yes have checked all plugs etc. i may have to go to bed and get started on this again in morn. but appreciate any suggestions. tavery muchly!

drcspy, Feb 10, 3:22pm
might be set to 'print to file' rather than printer which simply means ti'll save the files rather than actually print them... ... . check controlpanel/printer/ properties for this also for which port is set to print from... . .

jano8, Feb 10, 6:54pm
thanks above. but can' see an option where it prints to files. just shows the printer icon, which is ticked & shows as ready.
so frustsrating... ... ... ... it is plugged into same usb as always hasn't moved. just tried other usb ports same no dif.

r.g.nixon, Feb 10, 7:19pm
Check here: www.printer-spooler.com

jano8, Feb 10, 7:35pm
ummm re link above, how would i know i have a print spooler virus. did a virus scan last night (one was done on monday as well) & nothing showed up. bit nervous about downloading something - have had no warnings come up - just not printing.

hammerer, Feb 10, 8:12pm
When you print, the print dialog box will usually show you the name of the printer device driver e. g. HP LaserJet and "Where" it is printing to e. g. LPT1:

In Windows XP, if you go to the Control Panel and look at Printers and Faxes you can change the printer settings. Open the printer you are using then go to the menu and select Printer, Properties. There should be a tab for Ports and you can see all the options for output including File.

hammerer, Feb 10, 8:19pm
I should have added that there is also a tab for "Advanced" settings which is where printer spooling is turned on or off.

Even if printer spooling is turned off, print output should go to the spooler if no printer is connected.

jano8, Feb 10, 8:26pm
thanks above. yeah i had looked inthere. on vista by the way. everything looks normal i think. tickis on usb port printing. ummmm will have to saveup my printint for day on a usb stick and take to friends to print later. have a big deadline today. looks like it may need a trip to the repair man. . ?

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