Win7 internet access slowdown

ladaspeed, Feb 11, 7:49am
A few days ago I noticed that the time taken to access websites is getting longer and longer, now sometime the page will load sometimes not, sometimes fast, sometimes slow but either way it now makes browsing an incredibly frustrating experience. The irritating thing is that all the pc's using the wireless connection are working just fine. If you diagnose the connection or the hardware it sometimes says no problems, sometimes says the router has connectivity issues, and most times says that the dns server is not responding. I have tried a few things = auto repairing the connection, uninstalling and reinstalling the network drivers, turning off the proxy dns in the router, disabling the apple bonjour service, changing the ipv4 dns server to the openDNS server, all of which have solved similar issues for other people, however not for me... . does anyone have any other sensible solutions... ? it has to be something about how the pc talks to the router because even accessing the router web interface is incredibly slow.

cpuman, Feb 11, 7:51am
um maybe try to do a defrag or go to this site to test your speed:

trevix2k, Feb 11, 7:53am
are you on capped plans?

dunedin_ree, Feb 11, 7:55am
Holy crap you give TERRIBLE advice.

Poster 1, if I was you I would first try connecting via cable and seeing if your problems persist to isolate it to a wireless issue (or not).

ladaspeed, Feb 11, 8:07am
the pc has a virtually new ssd, it does not need defragged. I am at 10% of my data cap.

I do not think it is a wireless problem, my iphone works just fine on the wireless and my wifes laptop does as well... . .

dunedin_ree, Feb 11, 8:28am
There is more to a "wireless connection" than a router.

You have a wireless card/adapter on your computer. It is not the same as your iPhone or your wives laptop, is it?

Start with the simple stuff and start eliminating causes... .

spyware, Feb 11, 8:32am
Fallacy that openDNS would fix any speed issue. openDNS servers are in another country and therefore take longer to respond. Use TCL or Telecom DNS servers.

Instead of simply guessing what the problem is how about determining throughput over your network by copying files between machines. Once you know that it is not a local issue then go from there.

ladaspeed, Feb 11, 8:33am
It is a desktop and only has wired network. I do have another desktop I can hookup to see if that works ok.

ladaspeed, Feb 11, 8:37am
I was just trying stuff... ... .

swivel, Feb 11, 10:01am
if your going to use other DNS, use Google. 8. 8. 8. 8 and 8. 8. 4. 4

ladaspeed, Feb 11, 7:53pm
I am pretty sure it is a local issue, changing the dns has no effect. I had a look in the event viewer, and it looks like the dns server is not responding because the network is disconnecting and reconnecting everytime a request is sent through...

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