Word 2008 put longer underlines under numbers?

ifusion, May 1, 5:10am
Word 2008 put longer underlines under numbers? Hi, just doing some accounting stuff atm. I'm wondering how to put the long underlines under the numbers like you see here: http://tinyurl.com/6l53yc .At the moment I'm drawing the lines in. But I'm sure there's a better way. I obviously know how to underline but that only underlines the number, I want to underline the number plus make in go a couple of cm's further. Thanks!

ifusion, May 1, 5:11am
Wops its word 2007 haha sorry. .

blackviper666, May 1, 5:28am
.... is your data in a table? if it is (and if it's a similar setup as the screenshot then it should be) you would need to add a cell border along the bottom edge

ifusion, May 1, 5:42am
Argh, thats alot easier now i have it in a table. I was using indents and tabs before. Thanks!

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