Best printer/scanner/copier under $100 Canon or HP

paulmc, Feb 12, 12:41am
I have an HP printer/scanner/copier Deskjet F300. It's about 2 years old and works ok. The only problem is the scanner is a fraction off but it's nothing to worry about. I mainly use the black ink cartridge which doesn't seem to last very long but I don't know if other brands are more economical. Just wondering if a Canon MP272 is a better brand, or better in any way since they are cheap at the moment? Will be back tonight to read your replies.

lilyfield, Feb 12, 12:48am
My Hp is over 6 years old. 3in1, going strong, only use black ink and get it re filled, half price. No complaints for such a cheapie.

wakari06, Feb 12, 1:32am
Canon Mp272 Inkjet Multifunction

$39. 00 Warehouse Stationery

angie461, Feb 12, 2:50am
I chose my printer purely on the cost of the ink as my hp was not cost effective, Canon is a better option.

paulmc, Feb 12, 8:49am
They have all sold out in Christchurch

paulmc, Feb 12, 8:53am
Interesting. I asked Cartridge World today about black refills for a Canon MP272 and the cost was the same as for my HP.

wakari06, Feb 12, 8:59am
That's a bummer, not worth ordering one off them online either - $50 delivery fee.

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