Learning basics in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator...

star555, Feb 14, 11:54pm
Can anyone recommend an effective course/book to learn basics in these programs? I don't want to be a graphic designer just make simple adverts, brochures, etc for a business, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of info/courses out there but some of it seems extremely expensive, suggestions for an easy to follow beginners tutorial would be awesome, thanks

lilyfield, Feb 15, 12:12am
your local library has lots

pcfix4u, Feb 15, 12:21am
Google always good value, just ask the question.

Most programs have tutorials in the help section, and links to web help and forums. Just give it go.

doggitt, Feb 15, 12:25am
No idea what this is like but it's free


the net is full of free photoshop stuff

doggitt, Feb 15, 12:26am
Check also your newsagent for magazines. I haven't looked for a while but there used to be good beginners ones

i.n.c., Feb 15, 1:20am
The Photoshop tutorials are appalling and assume you already have a basic knowledge. Anyone trying to start off with them will be extremely frustrated. The terminology needs to be learnt first. But yes there are heaps of good ones on the internet.

But the library is a great place as I have resorted to that to fine tune my moderate amount of knowledge. l

Star555 you could use any book from Photoshop CS to that latest CS4. There are some changes to the GUI for CS4 that can be a little frustrating at first, but the core functions you will need are the same from CS on.

deej5, Feb 15, 1:26am
I first learnt from the WOW books on Photoshop. Cost over $100 but well worth it. They come up sometimes on TM.

deej5, Feb 15, 1:32am
Also ... don't even try to learn everything about Photoshop. It's far too extensive. Teach yourself with little chunks that apply to your own needs. I don't believe there are many who know or want to know everything about Photoshop.

l43a2, Feb 15, 2:12am
youtube has alot of tuts on photoshop.

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