Im not the administrator

bekstarrr, Feb 15, 11:52pm
I am trying to change the desktop background and screen saver on my laptop and its telling me the admin has blocked me from changing these setting. Its a personal laptop that only I use and in user account its has my name and tells me I'm the administrator.

Its been in for repairs recently but this wasnt done... really dont want to take it back to have it be away for another month

Can anyone help?

bekstarrr, Feb 15, 11:53pm
Oh I also found while looking around how to change settings another screen that had me user name twice, and I can delete the account thats not admin.
Haven't done this incase I end up deleting everything

skin1235, Feb 15, 11:56pm
got to control panel, users, change accounts, and change you user account from limited to administrator (xp, not sure where on vista) course you may have to log off your limited account and log back in on the admin account to facilitate access to control panel first

bekstarrr, Feb 15, 11:57pm
I am administrator according to that screen... thats whats confusing
But when I go to change settings- tells me I am not ?

bekstarrr, Feb 15, 11:58pm
I didnt actually think I have two accounts. In the user accounts screen there is just the one... not untill I dig deeper I find a screen saying there are two

r.g.nixon, Feb 16, 12:17am
On XP Home, the Administrator account is hidden, unless you start up in 'Safe Mode'.

bekstarrr, Feb 16, 12:39am
I have vista... havent always had this problem. Not sure whats changed
Run around a few tech places... no on seems to be able too / want to help.
Anyone have ideas?

bekstarrr, Feb 16, 12:40am
r. g. nixon... if this is the case with Vista also how am I able to change screen savers etc?

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