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blackbnz, Feb 18, 4:25am
I want to put a design of some sort on our quotes and letterheads. Doe anyone know of somewhere online I can use a programme or download something that can help me? TIA

blackbnz, Feb 18, 4:30am
new to this so any suggestions would be great!

r.g.nixon, Feb 18, 4:35am
"Insert graphic". Browse to your design, select graphic. position and size it on the page. Save it as a template.

blackbnz, Feb 18, 4:40am
insert graphic? sorry where do I find that? You will have to be more specific sorry I am computer illiterate!

r.g.nixon, Feb 18, 4:42am
Are you using Microsoft Word? I don't use that, maybe someone else can help. The other option would be to insert it as a 'header' or 'footer', if you can find that option.

blackbnz, Feb 18, 4:45am
thanks am looking for some way to put some kind of design on our quotes so they can stand out a bit!

r.g.nixon, Feb 18, 4:47am
Well you have to make the design first. I would recommend using a vector-based editor such as Inkscape. That way you can resize the image without it pixellating.

ferita, Feb 18, 4:55am
You could probably make a nice one using gimp

Be sure to make it a similar size to what you want to be using so you do not have to resize it on the page when you insert it.

You can get some good graphics for free from places like
www.sxc. hu and then just modify them to suit your needs.

lostdude, Feb 18, 5:06am
http://is. gd/8D0iU

blackbnz, Feb 18, 5:09am
thanks will try those sites. I use A4 size paper when doing quotes. At the moment they are just black and white and very plain looking!

gasaxe, Feb 18, 7:11am
I bought "Printmaster Gold", made myself a business letterhead with logo, then printed a stack of them. When I quote a job I put the letterhead in the printer and print it on that.

tigra, Feb 18, 7:35am
Even just varying typestyles and sizes can make an interesting letterhead or Quote form. Have a play.

richard112, Feb 18, 9:08am
Not sure how established your business is, but if you plan long term, you would be best grabbing some accounting software now (We use acclaim. Its not expensive). You can place your logo or whatever, and more importantly your quotes, invoices etc will be tied into the one system. all ready for your accountant.

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