Mobile phones: 2g v 3g.... whats the advantage?

maree1965, Feb 18, 9:35pm
Going to buy a Vodaphone phone today... 2g or 3g? ? ? ? What's the diff? Is there any disadvantages to 3g?

traceedwards, Feb 18, 9:36pm
3g gives you fast internet speeds, thats about all that I am aware of.

malachiman, Feb 18, 9:44pm
go 3g, but then with vodafone you spend a lot of time being dropped back onto edge speeds anyway. With XT you just loose your connection lol

maree1965, Feb 18, 9:45pm
So does it make texting or phoning any better? Just need a basic phone, but a network that will text Oz with out a hitch. Telecom sucks :-P

vtecintegra, Feb 18, 9:52pm
3G voice calls are marginally but not dramatically better quality. Text messaging works the same.

TBH if you don't intend to use data there isn't much point in going 3G

malachiman, Feb 18, 9:52pm
Telecom actually have the better network, I will be changing to them soon.

vtecintegra, Feb 18, 9:54pm
Telecom is currently faster for data on XT, but they're still having reliability and coverage problems.

radiowaves, Feb 18, 9:59pm
No issues here with XT phone and 2 x computers all day and night on XT mobile BB. All good. Yes there have been issues but none that we have personally experienced.

maree1965, Feb 18, 10:13pm
I'm on Telecom and my friend in Oz isn't receiving any of my texts... ! ! ! ! ! It just started happening in the last week. Vodafone assures me their network will be better... anyone else had this prob? ? ?

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