Mobile phones: 2g v 3g.... whats the advantage?

Going to buy a Vodaphone phone today... 2g or 3g? ? ? ? What's the diff? Is there any disadvantages to 3g?

geek_maree1965, Feb 19, 10:35 am

3g gives you fast internet speeds, thats about all that I am aware of.

geek_traceedwards, Feb 19, 10:36 am

go 3g, but then with vodafone you spend a lot of time being dropped back onto edge speeds anyway. With XT you just loose your connection lol

geek_malachiman, Feb 19, 10:44 am

So does it make texting or phoning any better? Just need a basic phone, but a network that will text Oz with out a hitch. Telecom sucks :-P

geek_maree1965, Feb 19, 10:45 am

3G voice calls are marginally but not dramatically better quality. Text messaging works the same.

TBH if you don't intend to use data there isn't much point in going 3G

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 19, 10:52 am

Telecom actually have the better network, I will be changing to them soon.

geek_malachiman, Feb 19, 10:52 am

Telecom is currently faster for data on XT, but they're still having reliability and coverage problems.

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 19, 10:54 am

No issues here with XT phone and 2 x computers all day and night on XT mobile BB. All good. Yes there have been issues but none that we have personally experienced.

geek_radiowaves, Feb 19, 10:59 am

I'm on Telecom and my friend in Oz isn't receiving any of my texts... ! ! ! ! ! It just started happening in the last week. Vodafone assures me their network will be better... anyone else had this prob? ? ?

geek_maree1965, Feb 19, 11:13 am