trying to install printer but,

busybeaver2, Feb 21, 12:52am
we've just got a new toshiba laptop with win7, and have tryed installing a epsom stylus cx3700 printer (not new ) with it's disk but it wont work ? any suggestions to help install or where to go to download software or drivers etc?

drcspy, Feb 21, 1:06am
fgs WHO do you think would produce drivers for an epson printer ?

nzlotrfan, Feb 21, 1:09am ;-)

busybeaver2, Feb 21, 1:18am
Thanks to the posters , I keep forgetting you guys like the hard stuff , next time instead of throwing a menial question on here first and then going to google while waiting for a reply , I will do it the other way round ;-)

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