a basic printer...

kaiser2, Feb 22, 5:49am
Can someone please recommend to me a simple printer I can use to print out my correspondence etc. I don't want coloured inks - just black - nor do I want to copy, scan, send faxes, or print photos with it... . I just want to print letters.

lostdude, Feb 22, 5:51am
Get any monochrome laser printer then.

l43a2, Feb 22, 5:52am
brother laser mono printers are very cheap, but the toners will cost you 90buks +

hammerer, Feb 22, 6:48am
The lowest price per page is usually monochrome (ie black) laser printers. The toner cartridges and other consumables are expensive but are cheaper per page. For example, I pay $100 for a toner cartridge that does 10, 000 pages ie 1 cent per page. My inkjet cartridges are about $30 for 300 pages ie 10 cents per page.

kaiser2, Feb 22, 8:03am
Thank you hammerer for very useful information.

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