Laptop power adapter help

eventpro, May 1, 10:48pm
Laptop power adapter help I have Kerio Energy Knight II car/plane adapter I got with a 2nd HP laptop about a year ago. I want to use it with my Toshiba, but the one adapter tip I need is missing. Does anybody have an idea where I can get one. Tried DSE and the other usual suspects, but no joy. Cheers

ferrit47, May 1, 11:55pm
Hey try Trademe. Do a goggle search or try Cash converters and contact Toshiba.I had problem with another brand and contacted them and were able to help me.

eventpro, May 2, 12:12am
Tried TM Cash Converters & Toshiba are good ideas. Thanks

olack, May 2, 12:18am
A long shot for all PC accressories... dang, I, it was one of the big Sth Island dealers, C1 it was the, has an accessories view all link on its webpage. It lists thousands and thousands of is not an obvious thing to look at, I never understood that...I don't think I saw it there last time I looked but a year ago it was a mecca...I will have a look now. Also Gamma computers used to have a heap um big links for accessories.

olack, May 2, 12:23am
C1Shoppingmall is not the same...sry ...

gyrogearloose, May 2, 12:32am
Take your Kerio & adapter tips to DSE and find a socket that fits any one of the Kerio tips. Then find a plug that fits that socket (ie; same as the Kerio tip). Buy 1 of each, and a soldering iron if you don't already have one. Go home, grab the HP laptop power adapter, and cut the end off the HP laptop lead and about a foot of cable. Solder the socket to the end of that 1 foot lead, and solder the plug (same as the Kerio tip) to the end of the HP laptop adapter. So, to use the laptop with the HP power adapter, connect the 1 foot lead to the HP power adapter. To use the laptop with the Kerio adapter, connect the 1 foot lead to the Kerio tip. Test the result using a multimeter to make sure you have the polarity of the voltage correct.

gyrogearloose, May 2, 12:34am
Ah, sorry I meant, cut the end off the Toshiba laptop power adapter, not the HP...

alan-uk, Dec 8, 11:49am
Although the thread is old, this is an ongoing problem, so may I offer the the following alternative.
Determine the size of plug needed for your laptop, both OD, & ID.
Select and purchase a suitable adapter from the following or other source, and use it with the Kerio Tip D, which is 5.5 x 2.1mm.

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