Wireless Modem to Wireless Printer

petrolheadchick, Feb 22, 9:04am
Hey Guys

I have just got a wireless printer. I would like to connect it so I can print from it. I have done a bit of research and it seems I need a wireless router. Before I go out and buy one can someone please tell me if I can connect it through a wireless modem instead. It's one of the ones that Telecom supply.


vtecintegra, Feb 22, 9:09am
The 'modem' that Telecom supplies is actually a Router with a built in ADSL modem.

suicidemonkey, Feb 22, 9:26am
If the "modem" that you currently have has aerials sticking out of it, then you've got what you need.

vtecintegra, Feb 22, 10:50am
Yes you can - the Telstra cable setup is a modem only (no routing built in) and can let a single PC online without a router, and internal ADSL modems are still available if you look hard enough.

ropes2, Feb 22, 11:12am
What's the make and model of your printer? Many wireless printers accept peer 2 peer connections which makes it even easier to connect.

petrolheadchick, Feb 23, 4:31am
Thanks for that people. I have had a look at the settings and can't find anything but will carry on and research.

ocm_aquisitions, Feb 23, 7:49pm
If it's a Telecom 4 port switch / wireless access point you should be fine. D-Link... something or other.

It ain't a modem at all, if anything it's a protocol gateway, but let's not get into all of that :) Because it doesn't matter to petrolheadchick lol

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