HELP- My Acer Crystal Eye Webcam doesn't work

does anyone know what to do to get it going.


geek_mangaztuturu1, Feb 23, 8:25 am

Do you have the correct drivers for it?
I am not familiar with this camera. is it one built into a computer or is it a USB one?

geek_ferita, Feb 23, 8:59 am

I had problems with mine a while back. Reinstalled drivers from the Acer website and it now works fine. Just make sure you download the correct drivers... from memory thee were several options. Good luck.

geek_radiowaves, Feb 23, 9:08 am

Okay will do, thats for your help.

geek_mangaztuturu1, Feb 23, 9:18 am

I don't understand. My webcam doesn't work and is not detected at all. But I see where you guys are coming from.

geek_nerd36, Sep 29, 11:37 am