HELP- My Acer Crystal Eye Webcam doesn't work

mangaztuturu1, Feb 22, 7:25pm
does anyone know what to do to get it going.


ferita, Feb 22, 7:59pm
Do you have the correct drivers for it?
I am not familiar with this camera. is it one built into a computer or is it a USB one?

radiowaves, Feb 22, 8:08pm
I had problems with mine a while back. Reinstalled drivers from the Acer website and it now works fine. Just make sure you download the correct drivers... from memory thee were several options. Good luck.

mangaztuturu1, Feb 22, 8:18pm
Okay will do, thats for your help.

nerd36, Sep 28, 10:37pm
I don't understand. My webcam doesn't work and is not detected at all. But I see where you guys are coming from.

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