RAM Question, I have an Acer Power F1

ctnz, Feb 23, 12:47am
How can I confirm it can take ECC type RAM?

missyone, Feb 23, 12:49am
go to www.crucial.com and download the scanner, this will tell you if your pc can take it or not.

ctnz, Feb 23, 12:51am
Note I would be replacing existing 256 RAM with two 512 ECC not mixing

ctnz, Feb 23, 12:52am
Q: Does my computer support ECC memory?

A: No.

Your system does not support ECC. Because ECC and non-ECC modules should not be mixed within a system, install the same type of modules that are already in your system. However I would be using two ECC not mixing, still a "No"?

lostdude, Feb 23, 3:21am
eh. . crucial answered your question.

NO your system does not support ECC. The bulk of the paragraph is directed at those that can run ECC. Crucial should remove that from its scans if ECC is not supported.

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