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pdbeattie, Feb 24, 4:39am
Were can you but it outright for prepay in a store?
(not over the internet)

pyro_sniper2002, Feb 24, 4:55am
Vodafone/Student IT/Magnum Mac, assuming you have a vodafone phone at the moment, if not then over the internet.

pdbeattie, Feb 24, 5:40am
hmmm rang vodafone and they said no!

xbox_great, Feb 24, 5:45am
buy a 'real' phone. why pay 'apple tax'?

ylangylang, Feb 24, 5:53am
From Apple shop you can well you can in Aussie.

baker-assoc, Feb 24, 6:01am
Parallel imported

dunedin_ree, Feb 24, 6:04am
I got mine from Student IT (already had a vodafone #).

mone, Feb 24, 6:14am
just buy one, and put your old sim card in it

suicidemonkey, Feb 24, 6:27am
It is a real phone. . unless the one in my hand is somehow a hologram?

OP, I bought mine from Vodafone on prepay.

pdbeattie, Feb 24, 7:10am
did you just walk in and buy one? did u have 2 have a current number and prove it 2 them?

rcmikey, Feb 24, 7:25am
buy off the apple website, cheaper than voda and free delivery.

rotorhoe, Feb 24, 7:54am
walk into vodafone, pay the 979, get the phone, walk out. put either xt, vodafone sim in and it works...

pdbeattie, Feb 24, 8:22am
they told me i couldnt do that when i rang

pro_golfer_03, Feb 24, 10:10am
Dick Smith and Magnum Mac are the only retail stores that will sell the handset on it's own. I don't see why you wouldn't want to buy it off the Apple Store online though? They're not going to run away with your cash and they are $30 cheaper than everyone else.

malachiman, Feb 24, 7:37pm
well they advertise handsets only on their website.

malachiman, Feb 24, 7:38pm
I wouldnt buy an iPhone at the moment, new model out in about 4-5 months, worth the wait unless you really really need a phone now.

absinthe1, Feb 24, 7:50pm
nokia n900 is way cooler

kitty251, Feb 24, 10:09pm
hmm the n900 looks like a brick compared to the sleek iphone. i will be getting an iphone when the new ones come out in july, can't wait! !

pdbeattie, Feb 25, 6:40am
na i need a phone now so will just get the current model

sven007, Feb 25, 11:12am
Incorrect - Noel Leeming sells them now on their own but only 8 certain stores around the country, the bonus is you get flybuys if your a collector!

carlie, Feb 26, 1:14am
I am sure Harvey Norman sell the handset alone too.

rotorhoe, Feb 26, 3:08am
where have u read this? ? oh is it just rumor... .

pdbeattie, Feb 26, 4:42am
what noel leeming stores?

malachiman, Feb 26, 4:46am
Don't have to read it, anyone who follows apple products knows there is a life (update) cycle. the iPhone has maintained an annual one. Just like we know that the macbook pro is overdue for its update.

You might find this of interest...
http://buyersguide. macrumors.com/

kitty251, Feb 26, 5:13am
Iphones have been updated every year since they came out in june/july, so there will be an update this year too.
There are rumours that the update this year will be quite significant as last years update was not that much of an update

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