Remote login to an ADSL router

Assuming that remote login has been enabled on an ADSL router with a fixed IP address (and possibly it hasn't, which is why I'm confused about making it work) - and noting that I don't know what model of router it is, nor the port number assigned - is this typically initiated with a browser command like http://<fixed ip>:<port no> or with a telnet <fixed ip>:<port> command or something else? What are the typical default port numbers?

geek_gyrogearloose, Feb 25, 10:59 am

Are you trying to hack into a modem thats not yours ? ?

geek_swivel, Feb 25, 11:06 am

Sorry, crystal ball is in for servicing... .

Why not ask the owner of the ADSL Router what brand / model it is? That will at least give you the default PORT - if it is enabled.

geek_sighkick, Feb 25, 11:06 am

My Belkin seems to default to 8080 for the web interface (doesn't appear to support telnet)

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 25, 11:09 am

The company acquired the assets of another company last year, but never tried remote access - now they have lost access to the engineers that built the network, and the documentation in front of me has the IP, the ADSL username and password - but says nothing about remote access being enabled, not the port number, nor the router login and password - nor the model of the router. Either we buy replacement routers, or I go to every one of these sites and reset the router configuration...

geek_gyrogearloose, Feb 25, 11:13 am

If they have enabled remote admin they really should have locked it down to a few IPs anyway.

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 25, 11:23 am

Look up the manufacturer's documentation for the router. It will at least tell you the defaults, if someone has changed them then you are fscked.
Are there people at these locations who might be able to check/change settings at the sites for you? Or set up a VNC to workstations at the sites that would have access to the routers?

geek_cybertao, Feb 25, 11:25 am

Thanks - I've got the login screen appearing now (this encourages me to think remote login is enabled) so now I just need to work on the login - I'm thinking this won't be the xxx. - rather it will be something like admin/...

geek_gyrogearloose, Feb 25, 11:26 am

VNC sounds like a good option or at least ring around and get make/model.

geek_bidda2, Feb 25, 11:27 am

Yeah you'll need the administrative login (not the same as the ADSL login). Given these are exposed to the internet you'd think it wouldn't be defaults but you never know.

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 25, 11:36 am

No, these are dark sites with scada equipment and a serial to IP convertors. I have to pay to get someone to cycle the power switch. Even with the fast car, if I have to go and visit them all to sort this, I'll be gone awhile...

geek_gyrogearloose, Feb 25, 11:39 am

Make sure you write thorough documentation when you do sort it.

geek_cybertao, Feb 25, 11:52 am

Yes, hourly rate ... the manual will be in full colour with photo's ... every cable will be labelled at every end ... I'll even vacuum the floor and ...

geek_gyrogearloose, Feb 25, 12:11 pm