I put a password on a word document

katje, Feb 25, 1:55am
and now the password I thought it was turns out to be incorrect. is there anyway I can hack into it to either find out what it was or get it off the word document so I can open it? It's an old word program not word 07

gyrogearloose, Feb 25, 1:59am
If it was that simple to defeat the password protection mechanism, there would be a class action suite against Microsoft alleging misrepresentation of the security feature that a password implies.

katje, Feb 25, 1:59am
I heard that you can remove a password from the document though I was wondering of anyone knew how?

gibler, Feb 25, 2:54am
From memory . . later versions of word (2003 onwards? ? ? _) actually have some sort of real encryption. I tried to help someone out with their CV Word doc but got nowhere. .

hakatere1, Feb 25, 3:23am
No 1 result on google... http://www.askdavetaylor.com/can_i_crack_a_password_protecte

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