ADSL Wireless Modem Router Recommendations

jancemord, Feb 25, 6:47am
What do you recommend

swivel, Feb 25, 7:11am
Well for starters, Who are you with, Not all ISP's run all modems

daniel_jrm, Feb 25, 7:27am
Not D-link =]

jancemord, Feb 25, 7:47am

damon3, Feb 25, 8:46am
Get a 3com OfficeConnect 3CRWDR101A-75

has 802. 11G built in (dual radios) and ADSL2+ you can get them for about $150 from aquire, well worth the money.

damon3, Feb 25, 8:47am
Actually, looking around you can get them as cheap as $100 now but it doesn't look like anyone has stock at the moment.

flewy, Feb 25, 8:48am
love my Linksys WRT54G2 / GS2 , and its even better when its flashedwith DD-WRT firmware.

flewy, Feb 25, 8:50am
opps now i see modem :)

jancemord, Feb 25, 8:52am
I would love 802. 11n - iTouch/iPhone geek ideas

fraseroz1, Feb 26, 6:09am
DynalinkWireless router modem and 802. 11N wireless at that.

o_loud_1, Feb 26, 9:26am
anything belkin don't touch anything else, d link, dynalink, thompson, netgear, linksys they are all crap... ... . belkin is the only brand with a lifetime warranty. you will never buy another modem again.

flewy, Feb 26, 9:38am
*tui ad*

acura, Feb 26, 10:06am
Why? do you need the file transfer speed or do you need the range? If you just want to browse and steam music and movies (unless tis full-HD) 802. 11g works well enough. Which brings us to the next point... what do you want to spend?

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