AVG - 7.5 - free version

etta1, May 2, 1:45am
AVG - 7.5 - free version At the moment I have the above protection on my computer. I have been told that once the end of May comes AVG will no longer be supporting the 7.5 and giving the updates. Does anyone know if this is correct and therefore this is the reason for the 8.0 being online for us to purchase to get the extra protection? Thanks.

soodanim, May 2, 1:50am
There's a free version of 8 available as well

etta1, May 2, 1:54am
Hi Soodanim Didn't realise there was a free version of the no.8. There is another link on the notice board that says they had trouble with the 8.0 version and not getting the updates. Do you know what could be causing that?

soodanim, May 2, 1:55am
Dunno I had problems loading it on to Windows 2000 Professional...you could get the updates but only manually would let me enable the auto updates....Have it running on XP with no problems tho

etta1, May 2, 1:59am
I still have XP so by the sound of it I should be ok. Is the best place to get the 8.0 version through filehippo where I downloaded AVG and the Comodo?

shello5, May 2, 2:01am
Would you no where to get the free 8.0.

leonieweti, May 2, 2:08am
Would it work on vista would you
no where to get the free 8.0.

zeo1, May 2, 2:09am
Would u no File Hippo.com

kayceaz, May 2, 2:13am
Try this link Shello http://free.grisoft.com/ww.download?prd=afe

etta1, May 2, 2:17am
After I downloaded the 7.5 version from the Filehippo site I clicked on the link to join the AVG forum which I did. This information is now there when upgrading to the 8.0 version.
I quote -
"1. Download & save the latest AVG Free installation package from [free.grisoft.com]
2. Run the AVG Free install file
3. Choose the Uninstall option and follow the setup wizard, when you get to the part to remove user settings, select it.
4. Restart your computer then...
5. Now reinstall AVG using the setup file you got in step 1 and update it.

If your OS is Win Vista also have a look @ this Sticky post [forum.grisoft.cz].......

etta1, May 2, 2:18am
.......... Carrys on from the link above.
Download the install file to your computer... do not ever try to run from the internet as that will always cause issues. We also recommend that you do not run if from a directory with spaces in the name.. such as your Desktop or My Documents folders.

Many users don't disable the other protection programs as they should so they can stop AVG from installing properly.... this can stop AVG from adding in its required startup items. We always recommend temporarily disabling before installing....& restart the computer twice before re-enabling".

I haven't done all this yet as just looking into it.

shello5, May 2, 2:22am
Thank you ..

etta1, May 2, 2:26am
Hi kayceaz Is the site address ok as what I have learnt on this forum one has to be very careful about certain sites as you could download virus's etc. I had a look at the site you suggested and to me it looks fine. I have downloaded from filehippo two programmes and so far everything seems to be ok. Filehippo also has the 8.0 free AVG version.

etta1, May 2, 2:28am
Just read again what I quoted from AVG and I see it says there about downloading from the site you mention. Having a senior moment haha.

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