Vodafone 3G on XP c/f Vista

I have a strange question.

I have a vodem and it appears to go much faster on XP compared with Vista. On Vista it runs on GPRS, on XP it runs on HDSPA.

Has anyone else noticed this, nothing else changes, the position of the vodem is the same.

All I have done is plug it in to a different computer in the same location.

I have tried this 3 times with the same result.

geek_rawill, Feb 26, 8:38 am

http://www.geekzone.co.nz/content. asp? contentid=6995

geek_cybertao, Feb 26, 9:07 am

My version is 9. 3. 3. 10

That version is 9. 1

geek_rawill, Feb 26, 10:24 am

Funny thing happened - I rang vodafone, talked through a few settings on my computer.

Changed them, no change.

But about an hour later the V/F reception boomed.

D'load at 1015
U'load at 1300

previously when on the phone to them

D'load was 28
U'load was 90

this has happened before after I rang them.

I wonder what happens.

geek_rawill, Feb 26, 3:53 pm