Please help! Enable Administrator

madeley, Feb 26, 5:42am
I am a bit clueless re computers but am trying to follow instructions to get into the administrator account. I want to "run as administrator" - where do i find this prompt to do that? On vista/windows. thanks

drcspy, Feb 26, 5:43am
clik start/programs/accessories... . -
... . . then look for 'command prompt'... ... ... RIGHT clik on that then clik 'run as administrator'... . . then type in the following:

net user Administrator /active:yes

Then hit enter.

Then clik start/log off... ...

when that's happened you'll see two login ID's

one is YOUR acct the other is Administrator... ...
log in to that one and you can do anything

vtecintegra, Feb 26, 5:44am

If you don't know how to do it then its probably a bad idea.

madeley, Feb 26, 5:47am
Because the computer has closed down and since it was restarted we have the desktop is different and we can not see all old files. IT guy said we must enable the administrator account to retrieve all old files.

madeley, Feb 26, 5:48am
drcspy - i have followed that instruction and on start up there is still only 1 log in account.

madeley, Feb 26, 5:51am
It is saying "access is denied" when we hit enter. what do i do?

0800xford, Feb 26, 6:07am
i laughed aloud

drcspy, Feb 26, 6:08am
are you putting in a password ?

cause you shouln'dt just leave that blank

drcspy, Feb 26, 6:09am
did you do this exactly ?

deodar, Feb 26, 6:40am
I laufed @ this from you dr-keep in mind these instructions were for
Vista;clik start/programs/accessories

drcspy, Feb 26, 6:41am
deo they ARE running vista !

deodar, Feb 26, 6:43am
& Command Prompt-laughed like a drain. In Vista ! ! ! ! !

drcspy, Feb 26, 6:45am
um... ... ... . . take some more pills deo... ... . .

deodar, Feb 26, 6:46am
Well so am I dr on 2-I even went thru the motions it seemed so
bizaare! Reminds me of XP... ... .

deodar, Feb 26, 6:47am
Oops, I think I've OD'd

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