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radar51, Feb 28, 5:37am
Computor from "The PC Company". Does anyone know if they had a default password . Otherwise I cant use my computor anymore. Its a long story... ... .

switched_on, Feb 28, 5:40am
Going to need more of the story to fix the problem.

dunedin_ree, Feb 28, 5:41am
If anything their default would be blank/no password.

radar51, Feb 28, 5:46am
Computor desktop was frozen. Could not open control panel. Used system mechanics software and removed the most recent registry dated feb 2010 and installed the most recent one. Computor not working after that. Found my reinstalation disk for home edition. But could not find my key. Found a key on net. Completed installation. 2 Xp versions now. Cant get past the first screen which asks for a password. Now in adminisreator also asks for password. There.

dunedin_ree, Feb 28, 5:54am
Take it back to the PC company and pay someone to fix it, because if you do any more to it you'll root it even more than it already is.

switched_on, Feb 28, 5:56am
can you get to safe mode.

radar51, Feb 28, 5:56am
pC Company went bust ages ago.

dunedin_ree, Feb 28, 5:57am
OK, then a reputable local PC repairer.

0800xford, Feb 28, 5:58am
i don't know about the rest of them but i'm bored out of my skull and could do with a laugh, please, continue.

radar51, Feb 28, 5:58am
yes safe mode gets you to administrator which needs a password

radar51, Feb 28, 6:01am
Dun. mightv have to but other options first.

0800xford, Feb 28, 6:04am
do you promise it's not stolen? cross your heart?
any one of us could have told you by now

radar51, Feb 28, 6:10am
Its mine. Bought from previous owner . Ex farmers with 5 year extended waranty now well expired. About 7 yrs old. Not worth stealing.

radar51, Feb 28, 6:21am
Come on Todd. I would appreciate an answer. I suspect that It will mean wiping all mydocuments though.

0800xford, Feb 28, 6:21am
you'd be wrong, fortunately.

radar51, Feb 28, 6:29am
Please, please, please oh great 0800Oxford.
I had a great friend who said mess with it as much as you like to learn. you can do no damage. Unfortunately he move tomelbourne. I could email him.

hapukanz, Feb 28, 6:33am
a simple google search for a password cracker will sort you out.

Had to deal with this with a mates computer. His kids password protected their computer and then forgot the password.

Download "cracker software" onto a CD
Autoboot CD from your CMOS
follow instructions to change the password

radar51, Feb 28, 6:37am
Thanks hapukanz. Will try that now. Will post results when completed.

0800xford, Feb 28, 6:39am
i blame my damn scruples

hapukanz, Feb 28, 6:40am
you can get cream for those Oxford

0800xford, Feb 28, 6:56am
i need to get down first

hapukanz, Feb 28, 7:04am
from your tree? ?

malachiman, Feb 28, 7:09am
It has the words "PC Company" on it, that makes it imune to being stolen :)

0800xford, Feb 28, 7:15am
can't be worse then acer, can it?

hapukanz, Feb 28, 7:16am
what about the sinclair Spectrum? ?

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