new printer purchase advice

hapukanz, Feb 28, 6:28am
OK probably been done before? ? but. .

Our mulitfunction printer has bit the dust. Time for a new one. . Requirements.

Must be able to be networked
Must have a range of Mem card inputs.
Consumables must be cheap
Must Print
Must Scan
Must copy

Wireless preferable

Have heard a lot of bad press recently about the poor quality of HP? The one that bit the dust is a Brother DCP 580. Quite liked it, may go for a similar, but I see the epson print carts are cheap. So any advice?
We get through a lot of ink so might go the colour laser route. The Brotehr laser is around the $400 mark. Comes with enough toner for 1000 pages. anyone using one of these? ?

malachiman, Feb 28, 6:42am
Do you want duplexing?

hapukanz, Feb 28, 6:47am
Not that bothered Malachiman... rarely need to print both sides... not enough to warrant the extra cost? ? Anytime I have printed both sides in the past I have simply refed the paper.

geoff_m, Feb 28, 8:25am
For network printing, you can also use a network print server (box of tricks that plugs into network with a USB port for printer and drives) which would give you more printer options.
We have a Brother 855CW - ok but like all inkjets, the ink costs a bomb, and I am trying to get my old Brother mono laser on the network as it is so much cheaper to run.

hapukanz, Feb 28, 9:16am
not interested in adding more hardware to my network Prefer a networked printer saves all the mucking about.

drcspy, Feb 28, 9:58am
fat chance unless you get laser

faa_luke, Feb 28, 10:30am
You have to work out what you want. Either an economical printer eg colour laser or a gimmicky printer than reads memory cards. I have a printer that prints/scans/faxes/memory card reader etc, but its not a laser printer / isn't economical to run. So work out what you need. You can't have every feature known to man kind for cheap.

thewomble1, Feb 28, 1:28pm
Epson prints, scans, reads cards, down load from camera, print on CD's, wireless, blue tooth andreasonably priced cartridges but most can refilled and the cost drops to around $2per refill. Not sure about faxes.

drcspy, Feb 28, 1:40pm
get a laser and buy a seperate card reader they're cheap

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