Can't access files from old hard drive in new comp

rats123, Feb 28, 8:08pm
My old computer's motherboard died so I got a new computer. My new comp runs fine accept when I plugged my old hd in I can't find my music files on it any more. What is weird is it is 76gb drive and it says there is 26gb of space left. However when I do a select all and go to properties it says there are only 15gb of files.

0800xford, Feb 28, 8:11pm
hidden partition perhaps?
what shows up in your "my computer" C: D: E: ?

rats123, Feb 28, 8:27pm
I've got show hidden files and folders set.

0800xford, Feb 28, 8:31pm
how about the other question?

swivel, Feb 28, 8:32pm
Did the old drive have a password, and what OS was it running

0800xford, Feb 28, 8:38pm
if i was buying a new computer, i'd have a new copy of my OS and then use an external drive to copy my music etc to the new hard drive
why would you keep the old hard drive that may have been damaged by the mainboard?

i think that's rhetorical.

rats123, Feb 28, 8:41pm
There were no other partitions. In the old comp it was just C drive.

rats123, Feb 28, 8:45pm
I was running XP, same as my new comp and no there was no password.

0800xford, Feb 28, 8:46pm
yes, but what does it say in your "my computer" now?
and do you only have the ONE hard drive connected?
the old one, correct?

rats123, Feb 28, 8:55pm
No, I have two connected. My primary (new hd) and the old one. In my comp it says that only two hds are connected i. e. no extra partitions and stuff.

0800xford, Feb 28, 9:01pm
if you put the drive in a caddy can you access the files?
did the old drive have a password/encryption?
are the permissions set correctly?
if you right click on your "my computer" and choose MANAGE what do you see?
maybe post a screen shot of that resulting window?
do you have any live linux discs you could boot up and have a look around with?

0800xford, Feb 28, 9:02pm
are they sata or ide drives?
did you connect the old drive to the new computer or the shop?
how is it connected?

rats123, Feb 28, 9:10pm
Problem solved!

http://support. aspx? scid=kb;en-us;8108

I had to grant my user permissions to the folders. Very silly given I had no password to start off with. Or maybe again it is I who was silly and didn't know what I was doing! All good now. Solution worked.

Thanks to all for your help.

0800xford, Feb 28, 9:21pm
it's funny though, you were getting an error message and didn't TELL US

rats123, Feb 28, 10:08pm
Yes, sorry about that. I only found this out after I dug deeper and found the specific folder that was causing me problems.

0800xford, Feb 28, 10:11pm
so when you copy all your files etc to the new drive what do you have planned for the old one?

tessal, Feb 28, 10:16pm
had a feeling you were needing to take "ownership" of files/folders on the old hard-drive.
good you got there in the end, bad you left alot of crucial information out. . but hey, thats how this place rolls on the best of days.

rats123, Mar 1, 4:25am
I gave it to a friend.

rats123, Mar 1, 4:26am
Agreed. I'll try to be more thorough next time!

0800xford, Mar 1, 4:27am
ah ok, i was just going to say that if you decided to format it to be really careful and maybe disconnect the other drive to make sure you didn't accidental kill it.

drcspy, Mar 1, 6:08am
'sorry' doesn't cut it it's NOT good enough.

If you want help then you NEED to 'tell all' DONT neglect to post error messages otherwise how the F*ck can you expect people to offer effective help... ... ... . .

krud1, Mar 1, 7:34am
Whoa, calm down. Not everybody is as experienced as you are drcspy. This same thing happened to me when I installed Windows 7. I had Windows XP and "My Documents" was on a different drive and when I plugged it in after installing Win7, Windows told me that I didnt have permission to save anything on that drive (and all my other drives come to think of it). I took ownership and it all worked fine. I can see thins scenario happening to other users too.

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