can anyone recommend a colour printer?

hilst1, Feb 28, 8:56pm
I'd like a decent one, but don't want to spend thousands. Next question, is it possible to get a sort of decent one for $200? or is it better to spend more?

I'm off to look in the shops soon, but would like some advice. TIA

guffer, Feb 28, 9:26pm
I find the Epson printers very good. I am on my second one now and would not swap brands at this point. The ink cartridges are inexpensive also which is a also a consideration. They are inexpensive and you would be able to purchase one for under $200. It is worth noting tho that the more colour cartridges it has (my original one had five colour cartridges) the better the colour it produces. Good luck! !

0800xford, Feb 28, 9:28pm
i wish i'd purchased a colour laser years ago

my epson c65 was good, fast, quiet, but the ink was too pricey
my epson c59 is slow, loud and cheap to replace inks $9. 99 apiece x 4

hilst1, Feb 28, 9:33pm
thanks heaps

Just having a browse of printers on here, is it worth getting a secondhand one (in good working condition) and pay for new cartridges?

0800xford, Feb 28, 9:37pm
heh, my c59 costs the same to buy a new one as it does to buy a set of ink, even if they are that cheap.

deodar, Feb 28, 10:33pm
Most new ones have cartridges, as 0800 has found. PriceSpy is the

0800xford, Feb 28, 10:49pm
i once found a lexmark for $35 and the replacement inks were $60

hdmovies, Feb 28, 11:40pm
What exactly will you be printing? Photos? Colour Documents? Posters?

hilst1, Mar 1, 1:13am
what I'll be printing is business cards, brochures (with photos in them), flyers/posters, all for my new business

I've had Brother printers recommended to me, and have just looked at Warehouse Stationery where they have the MFC295CN on special for $129 (usually $149)

I'm currently using a Brother mono, and am totally happy with it.

vtecintegra, Mar 1, 1:15am
If you are printing anything more than tiny volumes you'll want to get a colour laser. Just be careful with toners costs.

hilst1, Mar 1, 1:23am
so this is an inkjet printer - but do you think a laser printer would suit my needs better?

ropes2, Mar 1, 1:29am
Office printers like MFC295CN arent really about printing flyer/posters etc you'll suck through the ink so quickly that you'll find it would have been more efficient taking it to a printing shop to have it done. Same as business cards, IMO it's still better getting a printing shop to do the printing/cutting/laminate for a good quality card.

malachiman, Mar 1, 1:31am
If I were you, I would get my cards digitally printed, its cheap and the result is a lot nicer than a home made one. after all this is your business

hilst1, Mar 1, 1:33am
thanks heaps for your opinions :-)

ropes2, Mar 1, 1:34am
You'd need to print volume on a regular basis to justify this too. Personally I just take my printing to Warehouse stationary and let them do it. I have 2 printers a HP OfficeJet 6500 and Epson Stylus CX9300F and neither would do an economical job for bulk printing. Though I only need a printer for brochures etc in bulk once every 6 months so it's not worth getting a laser either.

hdmovies, Mar 1, 2:42am
If it was me I wouldn't bother. Just get a good black/white printer for printing accounts/invoices, and use a print service to do your business cards/flyers/posters (local print shop/warehouse stationery, or an online print place like vistaprint).

hilst1, Mar 1, 2:46am
yes, i know what you all mean, but i also want to print digital downloads for scrapbooking

ropes2, Mar 1, 3:10am
I've no experience with brother printers, but i would recommend the HP OfficeJet 6500. Print quality is great and duplex saves a great deal of paper, it's fast and quiet (important in a small office). Wireless too. Downsides are the HP bloatware that gets installed at the same time.

gregg74, Mar 6, 12:22am
Was just looking through Smith City mailer and they have Canon Multifunction (colour) Printer at $54. 99 - might be useful for just standard printing, photos, scrapbooking needs, etc.

sapper1, Mar 6, 9:09am
You wont get a laser colour for under $200, (I think the cheapeat is over $400) and the toners can cost you anyhing up to $198 each for 1500 copies or $300+ for 2600 copies. HP Photosmart will give you a good cheap colour print and reasonably good photos as well. I use an HP colour for short runs and a colour laser for longer runs. The cost of inks for HP are also starting to get stupid, I think $90+ for a colour and black Find the cheapest ink then find a printer that can use it.

bryshaw, Mar 7, 12:06am
I have had a HP Deskjet 9300 for years and it works faultlessly, but I too have noticed their cartridge prices are getting pricey. You would think that in these days of extreme competition some company would buck the trend and start making printers with economical cartridges. Their first year of sales they would make a killing, until other companies followed suit.

ang_ck, Mar 7, 1:35am
the challenge is, not the printer itself but the colour cartridges. Those printer company can literally give the printers away for free and make money on the colour cartridges. My suggestion is to find out how much the ink cartridges cost and make your decision from there.

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