how to re install preinstall windows vista on acer

how guys , as per title. .

acer aspire 4520...

from memory, during boot up i have to press something like ctrl + f10 or something... i just cant remember what keys... . if someone could plz tell me it would be greatly appreciated.


geek_superiornz, Mar 1, 8:04 pm

you mean you want to use the factory recovery option to revert your system back to what it was on the day you bought it ?

you're aware that'll wipe everything excecpt that original factory image ? all YOUR stuff will disappear... ... .

geek_drcspy, Mar 1, 8:24 pm

yes thats exactly what im trying to do... . u wouldnt know the buttons would you :(

geek_superiornz, Mar 1, 8:25 pm

alt F10http://support.

geek_pcfix4u, Mar 1, 8:49 pm

Recovery ha! The cure is worse than your worst problems.

geek_deodar, Mar 1, 9:28 pm

alt f10 didnt work :< any other suggestions guys ?

geek_superiornz, Mar 1, 10:39 pm


geek_lostdude, Mar 1, 10:58 pm