Basic inkjet printer

rpvr, Mar 2, 7:11pm
I'm looking for a small, inexpensive inkjet printer to go in a location where desk space is at a premium. The trend seems to be towards multifunctions, with few basic printers around.
Anyone bought a small simple printer lately and can recommend it?

0800xford, Mar 2, 8:42pm
my epson c59 is small, loud, slow and cheap
cheap inks too $9. 99 apiece.

gasaxe, Mar 2, 9:04pm
My epson T20 works fine and pretty well fits the previous description.

gregg74, Mar 6, 12:19am
Smith City have Canon multifunction printers for $54. 99 at moment.

magenta, Mar 6, 1:43am
Canon make some portable printer models but were very expensive. Not sure if any currently available. I bought a second hand i80 for my daughter. It has annoying software, but prints documents well. Not so good on photos. It folds up to a very small size when not in use.

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