XP administrator password

radar51, Mar 3, 8:00am
Just a thanks to all who contributed earlier. I found my xp key(it was glued to the side of the case ). I installed xp again so I have access to documents. Will copy all to a CD . Then clean up the HDD somehow. There are 3 Xp versions on it now. Any ideas about formatting etc. I used to have partition majic with an older system (Win 98 and Xp professional) but then bought this one which had no special partitions.

deodar, Mar 3, 8:25am
Good on ya mate! http://tinyurl.com/yzf5rut

r.g.nixon, Mar 3, 8:28am
10GB partition for XP.
Keep the rest for new programs, (D:\Program Files) and data.

Backup your drivers first (DriverMax is free).
Repartition using a BootItNG CD (Partition Work only, not the Install option)

radar51, Mar 4, 6:33am
thanks to both above.

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