what do you go into to block access

angel34, Mar 4, 2:53am
to things like Youtube and Bebo on your computer?

daughter wanting to know so her flatmates dont use up the entire months data in 3 days.

she has Mac laptop.

0800xford, Mar 4, 2:56am
opendns.com it's not that hard to bypass though if you know what you're doing...

kane199, Mar 4, 3:02am
kek, now we just gotta' wait for a post: "how can i bypass assess restrictions? "

0800xford, Mar 4, 3:03am
"help my laptop got stolen! "
"help how do i bypass the admin password? "

angel34, Mar 4, 3:15am
oh ok, I thought there was just some setting to go into, guess not.

0800xford, Mar 4, 3:17am

angel34, Mar 4, 3:21am
oops sorry, I didnt see that there was a FREE version on that website, thanks, will point her to it.

lostdude, Mar 4, 4:04am
or just setup filtering on your modem/router

0800xford, Mar 4, 7:08am
are you sure you don't see it?

gibler, Mar 4, 8:20am
in my experience you'll have to talk to them . . or they'll suck all the upload speed with torrents...

ocm_aquisitions, Mar 4, 9:19am
I would set the ADSL router to block certain sites or certain traffic. What is it? Brand? Model number? If it's a "free" one you might have limited options.

mr-word, Mar 4, 9:24am
You can block the website addresses in some routers.

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