what do you go into to block access

to things like Youtube and Bebo on your computer?

daughter wanting to know so her flatmates dont use up the entire months data in 3 days.

she has Mac laptop.

geek_angel34, Mar 4, 3:53 pm

opendns.com it's not that hard to bypass though if you know what you're doing...

geek_0800xford, Mar 4, 3:56 pm

kek, now we just gotta' wait for a post: "how can i bypass assess restrictions? "

geek_kane199, Mar 4, 4:02 pm

"help my laptop got stolen! "
"help how do i bypass the admin password? "

geek_0800xford, Mar 4, 4:03 pm

oh ok, I thought there was just some setting to go into, guess not.

geek_angel34, Mar 4, 4:15 pm


geek_0800xford, Mar 4, 4:17 pm

oops sorry, I didnt see that there was a FREE version on that website, thanks, will point her to it.

geek_angel34, Mar 4, 4:21 pm

or just setup filtering on your modem/router

geek_lostdude, Mar 4, 5:04 pm

are you sure you don't see it?

geek_0800xford, Mar 4, 8:08 pm

in my experience you'll have to talk to them . . or they'll suck all the upload speed with torrents...

geek_gibler, Mar 4, 9:20 pm

I would set the ADSL router to block certain sites or certain traffic. What is it? Brand? Model number? If it's a "free" one you might have limited options.

geek_ocm_aquisitions, Mar 4, 10:19 pm

You can block the website addresses in some routers.

geek_mr-word, Mar 4, 10:24 pm